SPECIAL REPORT - Rainbow quits making parts for 3 models of Rainbow Vacuum

May 27, 2021

SPECIAL REPORT - Rainbow quits making parts for 3 models of Rainbow Vacuum

Which models is Rainbow no longer making parts for? 

This is going to effect older models, which is normal for manufacturers to do as they get older, so if you happen to have one of these models you may want to look into trading in or upgrading your model.  Below are the models this will effect.


1. D4 and D4C Models

2. SE Model


3. SE PN2 / SE PE Models



Which parts have been discontinued?

Unfortunately, ALL parts for these models have been discontinued and Rainbow is no longer making them.  Parts like motor parts, water separators, water bowls, wheel dollies, hoses, wands, and power nozzle parts.  You will still be able to get Rainbow belts as those are still used on some of the newer E and E2 models as well.  For the SE PN2 model the power nozzle belts, brushroll, power nozzle plate, and motor are still available as the newer E series 1 speed parts will fit the SE PN2 as well.


How do you get these parts if you need them?

  • As one of the largest buyers of Rainbow parts we were notified before this decision was made and we stocked up on a lot of parts.  We also bought over 200 spare canisters we are using for parts, so at least for now we can get parts if you need them.  If you know you will need a part for your Rainbow soon then please email us at service@greatvacs.com before they are all gone and we can let you know pricing and availability.
  • After market parts are still available.  Did you know at GreatVacs we make a lot of our own aftermarket parts for Rainbows?  We like to think they are the same quality or better than the genuine Rainbow parts (like the brand new hose, wand, and power nozzle kit below we make for Rainbow D4, SE, and SE PN2 models).  It's been updated with new tech and we think they clean even better than the original set up.  In fact if you want to upgrade your current power nozzle setup (and yours is still in good condition) we offer trade-ins on your old one. 
  • We can also get aftermarket bearings, gaskets, water bowls, wheels, hoses, cords, and more for these models.  Of course, we still have a limited supply of some genuine parts as well, but availability varies depending on the demand for complete units we encounter.
  • Why does this announcement make us sad?  Because of our tens of thousands of Rainbow customers we have and for the fact the D4, SE, and SE PN2 models were clearly their favorite!  They loved these models!  They would always talk about how they were just work horses and clean and clean with no problems.  No filters to change they just worked and worked for decades.  In fact think about it for a second.  These vacuums came out in the 80's and most are still working just fine.  That kind of quality is very hard to find.  
  • However, we do have a 3rd option.  The vacuum company Prolux just came out with a new water vacuum very similar to these older Rainbow models.  Why do we love it so much?  Because it totally reminds us of the D4, SE, and SE PN2 models (except it has way more power, better power nozzle, and uses UV light and Nano Silver which is designed to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses).  What is the quality like?  Amazing (yes we have checked it out in detail) which is why it comes with the LIFETIME warranty.  It's designed to be a work horse just like the D4 and SE models which is why we mention it here.  You can also trade in your old Rainbow on it (we will gladly use your old Rainbow for parts LOL).  If a trade in option interests you just reach our to our service department and we can let you know what we could offer. 
Want to learn more about the Prolux CTX?  See more here:  https://youtu.be/jVmIRRGCt_A