RETURN / REFUND POLICY- (from the founder of GreatVacs)

Yep. Returns, Happen. It’s OK! If you are considering a return you likely ordered a product from us which means we owe you a big "thank you"! Here at we are CONSTANTLY talking about the customer experience, how we can make it better and how we can make our customers happy! So here is our "61 Day Peace of Mind No Hassle" Return Policy :)

WE DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF - Most of our Vacuums & Cleaning Appliances come with a 5 Year warranty. One time a lady bought one of our vacuums and sure enough 5 years and 1 day later she needed to use the warranty! LOL :) Guess what? we still honored it. That is why we have our "61 Day" return policy. If you’re a day or two or three over that we got your back! Also, sometimes people forget to include everything when they ship it back to us. Please try to remember everything when you ship it back but if you forget some bags or some inexpensive tools no worries we will pay for that to! If its something big like .... the vacuum cleaner then yes, we will be asking you where that is :)

61 DAY RETURN POLICY ON GREATVACS.COM ONLY- So at GreatVacs we sell a lot of great products that are unique to us. As such, many channels online have asked us to be able to sell our products on their websites. Our products that are sold on these other channels only have a 30-day return policy. We want to do something special for our customers who order directly from us. So not only will you find some sweet coupons at checkout, but you will get 61 Day's to test it out. This is ONLY available if you order from

FREE EXCHANGES IF WE SCREW UP - Hey we never make a mistake.......yah right :) Were human to ya know. If you go to and bother to look through our 2000 plus customer reviews you will probably find some reviews like this one "Ordered a Rainbow E2 Black for a Christmas present. Order came and unfortunately had been damaged during the shipping process. They immediately re-shipped a replacement part and stayed in contact with me to ensure I received the product. I honestly don’t think you are going to find a company that can beat great vacs customer service, prices, or warranty.". So if we make a mistake and something is not PERFECT with your order we will pay to ship you a new perfect product as well as pay for return shipping on the product we screwed up on. Now at GreatVacs we seriously have the best staff and I love creating positive jobs in the USA. So, I would rather pay our people at GreatVacs (and not UPS or FEDEX) to give you the perfect experience. So, we have a bonus system with our staff. Here's how it works, if something is wrong with your order and we screwed up the cost to ship you a new product, the shipping cost comes out of their bonus. What does that mean for you? That we almost never ever make a mistake :)

REFUNDS - Sometimes even the best products are not a perfect fit. We get that! A product might be to heavy, to small, not wide enough or whatever. We want you to love your new Vacuum, Air Purifier or Floor Cleaner! If you don't, then just ship it back to us and we will refund 100% of your money. We DO NOT charge you for handling, re-cleaning, re-boxing, or credit card fees (we cover that). We also pay to ship the vacuum back to you. The only thing we ask from you on refunds is that you pay to ship the vacuum back to us. On a recap, on a refund we pay to ship it to you and we pay handling, re-cleaning, and re-boxing. All you must do is ship it back to us and we will refund 100% of the money you spent on your order. This helps us keep our costs low on all our products. Also, if you decide to instead exchange the product for a similar product we pay for everything!

FREE SUPPORT FROM OUR VAC PRO'S - When I started GreatVacs over 20 years ago we were the first company to sell high end vacuums online. To do this day I still marvel at the trust our awesome customers gave us when they mailed us checks for a $800 plus vacuum. This was before online credit cards, or PayPal (heck even digital cameras had not been invented yet). After a few years in business I went to the "Vacuum Dealers Trade Association" annual convention. There was a class called "How to sell vacuums on the Internet". I attended, and the instructor said "Internet sellers don't care about their customers they only care about the sale. Once the sale has occurred the internet seller goes in Witness Protection and you will never hear from them again. There are 2 business models. One is to sell on the internet with no customer support and the other is to sell out of your store (at high prices) but provide good customer support." I remember at that moment committing to myself that our business would always sell the best products online and provide AMAZING customer support". So when we ship you a product we actually price into that product about 15 minutes of time with one of our Vacuum Pro's to follow up with you to see if you need any help. This is not outsourced by a 3rd party but by one of our Vacuum Pros who has personally torn apart, rebuilt and serviced HUNDREDS of the exact product you’re asking about.

Therefore, to get an Exchange, Return or Refund we ask you to first email us at We want to make sure it’s not something easy or simple that can be solved in 10 seconds. If it's not something easy then no problem, our Customer Service will give you your return instructions right away!

Happy Cleaning!
Thanks, Dustin, Founder