Do you or someone you love have allergies in your home?  Filter Queens are hands down the best vacuum we have seen for allergies and keeping your air clean.   

They are also a very quality vacuum (we see them running perfect after 30 years all the time) and powerful deep cleaners.  

Filter Queen vacuums are one of our favorite vacuums made! They are assembled in Ohio and are a quality vacuum for deep cleaning, filtration (great for allergies) and dependablity. Below is the models of Filter Queen. We are not an "authorized" dealer from Filter Queen so take the below information as just our opinions. As we are not Filter Queen authorized dealers this means we can sell these units for much less (you can get a great refurbished FQ model in the 400's vs. $3000 if we were a dealer). The below comments are just our opinions on what we have noticed after selling and servicing them for decades. There is something to understand about Filter Queen vacuums though. Don't let their age fool you. Its almost like comparing them in "doggie years". Most other vacuums today will last 2 to 3 year. In 2 to 3 years a Filter Queen vacuum is just getting broken in. Instead their ages are measred in 2 or 3 decades. We commonly see 40 year old Filter Queen vacuums working perfect. Even if you bought a 15 year old Filter Queen it most likely will outlast your current home :)

Filter Queen Vacuum Filter Queen Vacuum- Brown (model D33). Speaking of lasting for decades here is the first Filter Queen model we ever worked on. These were made starting in 1977 or so. We still see them running good. While we no longer sell or service this model (too old) it speaks volumes to the quality and kind of company Filter Queen is.
Filter Queen Majestic Vacuum Filter Queen Majestic Vacuum- Silver (model 95x). With this model the biggest changes I noticed were the color, and the name Majestic was put on the vacuum. It was a great model and still had the non-pump style hose with the longer wand. We sill sell/service this model but they are getting old enough that we don't see them a lot. This was a workhorse model but there was one thing I did not like as much as the newer models. That is the hose and wand. The hose was not a gas pump style so the wand had to be made extra long. Over time where the hose went into the main wand the hose tends to break. Also this vacuum was made before selling online took off so this vacuum is hard to ship with its extra long wand. You have to ship the wand in a separate box or make the box your using to ship the vacuum a LOT bigger. Since UPS and FED EX now charge on box size (instead of weight) this model is more expensive to ship. So if you decide to buy one of these online sometimes you can get the next newest model for almost the same price. That being said if your considering buying another plastic disposable vacuum at your local big box store because your on a budget then I suggest getting this model instead.
Filter Queen Triple Crown Vacuum Filter Queen Triple Crown Vacuum- Red (model 99A). They started to make these about 1995 or so. The first models came out with a silver chrome power nozzle and then years later they came out with the black colored power nozzle (pictured here). They made some good feature changes with this model. They shortened the main wand (cheaper/easier to ship) and added the pump-style hose (big improvement). This is a nice feature on the hose as if you want to turn off your electric power nozzle you just flick the switch on the hose (right where your hand is). The cleaning power of this model was also improved vs. previous models (more suction). This model also has the 2 speed motor (high and low speed cleaning).
Filter Queen Majestic Vacuum Filter Queen Majestic Vacuum - Green (model 112A and 112B). I don't know why but this is still my favorite model. This was made about 1999 or so but even as of today its my favorite model. Perhaps its the green color that makes it look so cool but more than likely for me its because its the last model before they started to use a lot more plastic parts in the newer models. This model was simple, powerful, and just a work horse. Do not let the age of this vacuum fool you they still work great and will last for a long time. Sometimes less is more and I would rather they be powerful, simple, and dependable. That is how I feel about this model. I felt like it was the perfect balance of advanced powerful motors yet simplicity and dependability. They changed the color (which I liked a lot) and all the powerheads were black. The tools were black on this model as well. They made a Defender (see below). One of the big improvements they made is they used a different motor that was a lot more powerful than previous models. This was the last model where they used the pump hose the the metal wand coming out of it (which I liked because I personally thought they were more dependable).
Filter Queen 360 Vacuum

Filter Queen Majestic - Blue. They made some nice changes on this model. They changed the powerhead, hose, main wand, and tools. The biggest change they made is they are larger for more airflow and power. It seemed to me that this model had a little better performance than the previous models. So the 3 models below of "Blue" and all the models after. The only downside I saw is they made the hose more "plastic" vs. metal like the previous green model (which me being old school liked the old hose design a little better) but these were also more powerful. For example, a common problem on this model is there is a plastic tab that "snaps" the hose and wand together. It is common for those to be broken on the first couple Blue models. When buying your Filter Queen from GreatVacs it does not matter as we always check and replace those but if your buying used its something to look at. Probably one reason I love the previous Green model so much. On these 3 models besides color and logo design I did not notice much of a difference. So under this "Blue" category there are actually 3 different models (Model 112c, started making them about 2002).

75th Anniversary Blue Model- First model of Blue Model and were super popular.

Filter Queen 360 Vacuum Filter Queen Majestic - 360 (model M360). They started making these about 2004 or so. Not as popular, as they had some problems with the main wand. However, if you ever have problems with the wand just contact Filter Queen as they are usually very good about replacing it and standing behind their products. So what happened here is they started making the main wand out of plastic (big mistake) instead of stainless steel. After the main wand started to have problems they went back to stainless steel. So when buying this model just check the picture to see if it has the stainless steel wand (like pictured to the left) and you should be good.
Filter Queen 360ss Vacuum Filter Queen Majestic - 360ss (model M360ss). They started making these about 2008 or so. They seemed to have fixed any issues the normal 360 model had and it was a great model and vacuum. Very popular and dependable and quiet.
Filter Queen 360 Vacuum Filter Queen Majestic - Black (model M11). So as of the writing of this article (updated in 2022) this is the second newest model. If you want to get the newest but save some money I normally suggest people to get the second newest model. This was another great filter queen model and they started making them about 2011 or so. One of my favorite models and they did a great job with it.
Filter Queen Magestic Vacuum Filter Queen Majestic - (newest model). So if you want the newest and the greatest model this is it :) This is the model that they are currently selling door to door for $3,000 plus dollars. It is so new that to be honest we have not been able to test them yet. By all accounts from what we have seen though it is a great model with great performance, filtration and is super dependable.
Defender. The Defender is a home air-purifying system. It is awesome! It is quieter than a vacuum and is great for allergy sufferers. What I like about the Defender Air Purifier is its size and power. Most Air Purifiers are to small and the filters quickly fill up with dirt. The Defender has a crazy large HEPA filter (and carbon filter wrap) which can hold a lot of dust/dirt before needing to be replaced. Also recently some companies have come out with some replacement filters which are a lot less expensive so they are not expensive to maintain anymore. We sell those replacement filters and have not noticed any differences but according to Filter Queen they suggest buying their genuine version for best results. They made what I would say is 2 models of these. The older ones are larger (and use a bigger filter) and the newer models are more compact but still clean just as good (my favorite). From time to time they will change the logos or appearance but basically they are the same. If you have allergies in your home I highly suggest one of these. Also, if you need new filters for these we sell these in our store as well (new filters) at GreatVacs.comCLICK HERE to Shop For Filter Queen Vacuums & Air Purifiers.

As far as recommendations, I would say that age is not a big factor because of how long they last. I would go for model features, looks and what you can fit in your budget. I would say that my favorite 3 models are the Green (old style that used more metal parts), the 360ss and the Black models. If you still have any questions you may email us at or view our Filter Queens on our site.