True Story from Our Founder: "Why I Started GreatVacs"

Hi, I'm Dustin, the founder of GreatVacs, and I have a story for you… Why are you laughing? Yes ‘Dustin’ is my real name… I know that's funny. I get it… .and yes, I’ve heard all the jokes :)

What you’re about to hear is not-only how Great Vacs started, but… why the entire Vacuum Industry hates me! True story. Follow along… (Click Here to read the entire crazy story).

Did you know that GreatVacs...

  • At GreatVacs we have rebuilt or serviced nearly 100,000 vacuums so you know your talking to a experts!
  • Has the industries best Education Center with videos, tests, guides and more! Things like "How to pick a Commercial vacuum" or "Best vacuum cleaner for Pet Hair" or "Kirby Vs. Dyson which is best".
  • Gives you FREE advice from our Vacuum Pro's. Just tell us your needs and we will suggest the perfect cleaner for you!
  • Has disassembled, serviced, rebuilt and repaired nearly every brand of vacuum.
  • Has shipped nearly 250,000 orders from its 15,000 sq. ft warehouse.
  • Has 3 full time USA shippers so most orders are shipped out SAME DAY.
  • Protects you with our No Hassle 61 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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