When choosing a Commercial Vacuum or cleaner there are some questions you should ask yourself first: What will the vacuum or cleaner be used for? There are several different kinds of commercial vacuum and cleaner uses. For example, if you are cleaning a 20,000 square foot building you would want a different vacuum from if you were cleaning residential homes. What kind of carpet will it be used on? Low pile commercial carpet or high pile residential carpet? Will you need on board tools for your vacuum cleaner? Will you be picking up metal (like screws), if so will the vacuum cleaner handle it? Who will be using it?  Does it need to have on board tools?  Is it simple enough for the operator to understand?  The biggest problem we see in any kind of commercial cleaner is that many builders of "residential"  cleaners will change the color, put a longer 3 prong cord on it and then call it a commercial cleaner.   We have actually seen some of these "commercial" cleaners destroyed in a matter of days because they are not actually designed from the ground up to handle it.    Commercial cleaning is different and takes a tough powerful cleaner that was built for that purpose.   The cleaners you see displayed her are designed from the ground up and are real commercial cleaners.    Even some homes do best with a commercial cleaner.   If you have found in your home you have gone through several cleaners recently then consider a commercial cleaner.  


Backpack vacuum cleaners are great for speed cleaning.   Many business's with lots of hardfloor surfaces use them.   A conventional vacuum cleaner is vacuumed back and forth.  With a backpack vacuum you can vacuum in a half circle as you walk and its much faster and easier.   Even many residential users are starting to use them.   They are especially good for large vacuum surfaces.  The 10 quart one from GV is the most powerful vacuum we have seen.   In our warehouse our workers love it and prefer it over any vacuum.   Its powerful and they can actually vacuum the warehouse floor faster than sweeping. When vacuuming the dirt and debris does not pass through a fan but instead goes directly into a bag, so no more breaking fans.


Understanding floor buffers is important before buying one.  While cost is a big consideration for many potential buyers, there are many important factors to consider in picking a  floor buffer. The biggest factor is the speed of the model. While low-speed floor buffers are best for homes and small spaces, high-speed buffers are best for commercial establishments and large buildings. Floor buffer speed is better for glossier floors. A high-speed floor buffer runs on about 1,500 rpms (revolutions per minute) while a low-speed floor buffer spins at about 175 rpms. If your space needs a five-star shine then a high-speed buffer is for you. If you have a large space though but do not require the same buffing effort, you can choose a low-speed floor buffer.


The biggest consideration in picking a commercial carpet shampooer is how large the surface is.    That will determine how wide the shampooer head should be.   The wider the head the more surface area can be shampooed faster but the wider the head the more expensive the shampooer is.   Commercial Shampooers are different that residential ones in that they are a one pass shampooer (meaning you don't go back and forth when you shampoo you just go over it once).   So they are more powerful and good deep cleaners.   The second consideration is longevity of the shampooer.   How much will you be using it and is it built to be dependable.   All of our commercial shampooers are very dependable and designed to last many years.


There are several things to consider in choosing a commercial vacuum cleaner.   The biggest is how its going to be used.   That is why we sell several and cover just about any need.   For example a lot of our commercial customers are professional home cleaners.   They would need a powerful deep cleaner that is lightweight to carry with on board tools for that job.   In that case we would suggest the Proteam 15xp.   So first consider the type of job its going to be used on.   Consider things like ease of use, how heavy or light they need to be, dependability, tools and more.   Here at Great Vacs we have put together some of the best commercial vacuum cleaners so many of the issues (like it being an actual commercial vacuum) you don't need to worry about.    If you are unsure of the best commercial cleaner for you feel free to contact us with what you need in a commercial cleaner and we would be glad to make a suggestion for you.