How to Troubleshooting a Rainbow E2 Black Power Head

Aug 18, 2022

How to Troubleshooting a Rainbow E2 Black Power Head

"Why did we write this article? At Greatvacs we are the largest rebuild warehouse in the US. We have serviced and rebuilt over 50,000 high-end vacuums. We get asked all of the time "How to Troubleshooting a Rainbow E2 Black Power Head" so we decided to make this video and article for you. Enjoy :)"

Is your E2 Black Power Head not turning on well I’m Kyle with Greatvacs and today I am gonna help you troubleshoot what can be the problem.

In front, if of me I have a complete E2 black rainbow vacuum minus the tool this is all you’re going to need to help troubleshoot why your power head not turning on. 

Make sure everything is disconnected.

Grab the hose and plug the hose directly into the canister.

Take the hose handle and plug that directly into the top of the power head.a

Check the power if did turn on now you know the issue is not the power head or the hose.

Let’s say the power did not turn on so the next step you’re going to do is take one of the wands and connect that to the power head then connects the hose to the wand.

And then turn the vacuum on and turn the hose handle switch on.

If your power did turn on with one of the wands you now know all three of these items are not the cause.

Next, grab the other wand connect it to the bottom wand and plug the hose on top of that and do the process over again.

All right that for today how to troubleshoot a Rainbow E2 Black Power Head.

It’s pretty easy to test your E2 power head just go ahead take the hose plug it directly into the canister then the power head and add one at a time if you notice that the hose or wand doesn't turn your power head on you can send us an email we get a replacement we can send you to link where you can purchase an item from a different seller.

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