How much do Kirby Vacuum Cleaners cost?

May 29, 2023

How much do Kirby Vacuum Cleaners cost?
Here at we have been servicing and rebuilding Kirby vacuums for almost 25 years. Hi my name is Dustin and I am the founder of GreatVacs :) Here are some of the most common questions we get asked by our customers:


How much do Kirby vacuums cost?


Kirby vacuums are one of the best vacuums made.

  • Consumer's Report ranks them the number one most dependable vacuums in the world.  We see 40 year old Kirby's running perfect all of the time.  
  • They are one of the only vacuums that is made in the USA.
  • They are one of the only vacuums on the planet that have enough deep cleaning power to actually suck dirt but UNDER your carpet pad.
  • With their powerful suction and large tubing we rank them #1 vacuum for pet hair pickup.

With vacuums you can have a cheap vacuum (normally lasts about 2 years) or you can have a quality vacuum but you can't have both.   

When buying a Kirby vacuum you really have 3 choices in buying one.

Choice #1 - Buy a Kirby vacuum directly from Kirby for $2103.99 at It Comes with 3-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Choice #2 - Buy a rebuilt Kirby vacuum from (5-year warranty and 60 day money back guarantee) at the link
below. Prices range from $400’s to $700’s depending on the model you buy.

Choice #3 - Buy a used one on Ebay or Facebook for about $300 to 500. You get no warranties or guarantees and most sellers will not let you return it for a refund.

Of these 3 choices which is best? Since GreatVacs sells rebuilt Kirbys, it stands to reason that our answer is going to be biased toward that. However, here is my personal opinion. The experience of purchasing a Kirby directly from will be fantastic.  You will receive a brand-new Kirby and a 30 day money back guarantee, which is fantastic but also pricey.

At GreatVacs, we've rebuilt over 40,000 Kirby vacuums over the years. With all of that knowledge, we have determined that a Kirby vacuum has a 25–30 year lifespan on average. In fact, we frequently observe 40-year-old Kirby vacuums working perfectly.

This is perhaps the reason Kirby vacuums were recognized as the world's #1 most dependable vacuum by Consumer Reports. So if Kirby vacuums last that long...why not buy a rebuilt one in like new condition and put the difference in your kids College fund?

OK then what about option 3?  Why not buy a used one on ebay or Facebook for even more? 

At GreatVacs we are the largest rebuilder of Kirby vacuums in the US hands down.  When we buy used Kirby vacuums as the largest #1 buyer in the US we get the first pick.   We are very picky on our vacuums and only buy the best.   The trashed ones we leave for the other buyers and only buy the nice ones.   Those trashed ones we passed up on end up on Ebay and Facebook.   You know the 40,000 plus Kirby's we have rebuilt and sold?   I could count on my fingers and toes how many of those have had bad motors that we had to warranty after we sold them.   In other words since we only buy ones in nice condition and then rebuild them with new genuine Kirby parts we almost never have any issues.   The ones we leave behind not so much.   Enough said :)

In fact during Covid when we ran out of inventory we started buying some on ebay and Facebook and had them shipped to us. I was shocked at the dirty condition they were in and we quickly stopped doing that. So those are your 3 options, New, Rebuilt, or Used. Personally, I would either buy one new from Kirby or a rebuilt one.

What are some of the available Kirby vacuums?

The only kirby vacuum model made with two split model


The image above shows the only Kirby vacuum model with a two speed motor...the Kirby Diamond.   If you have throw rungs in your house this is a great feature to have :)

Although there are many different Kirby vacuum types, it's critical that we are aware of the particular models that are available.

Here is a table showing the kirby vacuum models differences from oldest to newest models:

Power [CFM]
Motor speed
1 Speed
2 Speed
1 Speed
1 Speed
1 Speed
1 Speed


Avalir II, one of the seven Kirby vacuum models mentioned above, has the highest CFM (115 CFM), making it the model with the highest airflow rating.  However, you will notice some of the previous models had the same suction.   So if you want the best I suggest you buy the newest model (Avalir 2) but if you want to same some money you could buy a previous model and have the same deep cleaning power.  

Click to read consumer reviews about using Avalir II Kirby vacuums.

How many years can a Kirby vacuum cleaner last?

Many people still have questions about how long a Kirby vacuum will last, despite the fact that it is widely known and accepted that Kirby vacuum cleaners are more authentic than other vacuum cleaners.

You are in the proper place, so you don't need to worry about it anymore. Numerous people who purchased Kirby vacuums from us at GreatVacs have shared their experiences with us, including how long they've had the vacuum for and whether any repairs were necessary.

The feedback from our clients at GreatVacs demonstrates the high level of dependability of Kirby vacuum cleaners, with fewer than 5% of the vacuum cleaners experiencing any faults after ten years of use. Any vacuum cleaner that lasts 25-30 years is really good and undoubtedly lasts a long time, as I'm sure you'll agree with me.

What other tasks is the Kirby vacuum cleaner capable of?

The Kirby vacuum cleaner has a number of different features. It is made up of carpet cleaning attachments and sucks up wet spills. In addition to cleaning, the Kirby vacuum also performs the following tasks:

  • It cleans carpets with its carpet cleaning attachments.
  • It blows out air to inflate an air mattress when the airflow is adjusted or reversed.
  • It can be used for unblocking kitchen drains.
  • It can shampoo the carpet.
  • It can vacuum your stairs.
  • It very good at picking up pet hairs.
  • It can shampoo upholstery.
  • It can even brighten light bulb.

How can I maintain my Kirby vacuum cleaner?

You should be aware that your expenses for your Kirby vacuum cleaner might not be finished after the initial purchase.
This is due to the fact that you still need to maintain your Kirby vacuum cleaner's performance and keep it in excellent working condition.

The good news about maintaining your Kirby vacuum cleaner is that It is easily done by yourself.  

Here are some essential tips to assist you in maintaining your Kirby vacuum cleaner:

⦁ Change your dirt bag when it is half full of dirt (allows your vacuum to "breathe" and does not over heat your motor.  
⦁ If hair and carpet fiber wraps around your brushroll cut them off so you do not wear out belts.  
⦁ Change your belt about every 6 months of use.  

How should I clean my Kirby vacuum after use?

Here are some cleaning procedures for your Kirby vacuum after usage.

⦁ Spray the brushes with a disinfectant to sanitize them.
⦁ Store it in a day moist free environment.  
⦁ Consider changing your bag when it is half full or once a month.  
⦁ Give your Kirby vacuum a good cleaning at least once a year with warm water, good brush, and compressed air.

- On the Kirby vacuum the outer cloth bag is part of your filtration.   That is what equals "HEPA" filtration.   Just like all other HEPA filters they need cleaned occasionally.   Here is a video we made on how to wash your Kirby vacuum.  

How frequently do I need to switch out Kirby's bags?

If you don't want your Kirby's bags to lose their suction force, you must change them. Your vacuum can be less successful at deep cleaning if you continue using the same Kirby bag when it is full.  This also can over heat your motor, void your warranty, and make your air quality worse.

At we actually suggest that you change your bag when it is half full or at least once a month.  If you turn on your Kirby vacuum and "smell it" then you also know it is time to change your bag.  

What kind of vacuum bags should I buy?

So we suggest using the white HEPA material bags for your Kirby.   They are made of the same material on N95 masks and the airflow (better cleaning) and filtration is much better.   You can find these bags on our website here.  

What is the weight of a Kirby vacuum?

Customers frequently inquire about the weight of Kirby vacuums, which is one of the more significant questions we receive. A Kirby vacuum's weight varies depending on its model and material, but based on our handling experience, we've found that the majority of them weigh 23.3 pounds, which is neither too heavy nor too light.

In addition to the Kirby vacuum's weight, its length and size are also crucial for understanding all of its specific qualities. Because of this, we've chosen to add the Kirby vacuum's weight, size, and length in the list below:

  • Weight is 23.3 pounds
  • Length is 2.1metres to 3.7metres
  • Size is 16.0 × 11.0 ×3.6 inches

Why does my Kirby's Brushroll have a magnet on it?

Near one or both ends of the brushroll, there are magnets. A thin silver circle is usually wrapped around the end of the brushroll that contains this magnet. The small green light emitting diode on the nozzle is lit by the current supplied by the magnet, and this lets you know that your brush is rotating correctly.  So this magnet turning turns on the green light telling you your brushroll is spinning.  If you start to see the green light flickering OR is totally off then stop and check your belt.  

My Kirby vacuum picked up some water; will this harm my Kirby vacuum?

Actually, it depends on how much water the vacuum sucked up; as long as it wasn't a lot, you probably didn't do it any harm. Because it is unlikely that any significant volumes of water entered your vacuum. Everything might be drawn up into the bag, around the fan, and into the nozzle.

A metal spacer and a rubber seal are in front of the part that is behind the vacuum's fan. Although you should still have it inspected by a skilled technician, if the paper bag is dry, your Kirby vacuum is generally not permanently damaged.

Can I clean up building site dust with my vacuum?

Without a doubt! The Kirby vacuum is used to remove dirt, not building dust. A little amount of sawdust is acceptable, but the vacuum fan and internal components are severely harmed by wall building site dust, nails, and other harmful materials.

GREATVACS STORY - before we build our own warehouse our previous warehouse we leased had carpeted floors.   You can imagine what the carpeted floors looked like after a busy week of rebuilding vacuums.   The floor at the end of the week was littered with old screws, pieces of gaskets, or wires as we replaced these parts with new genuine parts and not everything made it to the garbage can.   At that time we allowed local customers to trade in their "Walmart" disposable vacuums (we no longer do this).  So we had this room full of perfectly working "Walmart" vacuums.   For fun on a Friday we would grab one of those vacuums to vacuum our warehouse floor with.   Any guesses how long they would lost?   The longest one lasted 28 seconds!  Normally they would seize up and the motor would catch on fire!   While this was super entertaining (and would have made great Youtube videos) for safety reasons we had to stop )   So we pulled out a Kirby Gsix and started vacuuming with that.   With its Kevlar fan we never had a problem and used that same vacuum for years until we moved to our new warehouse.   

Why does my Kirby vacuum not work after being plugged in?

No worries this is not a big deal and happens :)  So the Kirby vacuum is equipped with 2 safety switches.   These are designed to keep you and your kids safe and sound.   The first is on the outer clother bag.   If the ban unit is not all the way "snapped" against the side of the vacuum (or is off) then your vacuum will not turn on.   So step 1 is just make sure your bag unit is all the way snapped against the side of the vacuum.   The second thing to check is the "head" (the part that holds the brushroll).   If this is off (or not on all of the way) then the vacuum will not turn on all of the way.   So make sure your head is securely on as well and you will notice your Kirby vacuum will turn on right away.   If it does not then probably the most likely thing is you need a new power cord or something more serious (but these are rare as its almost always the 2 safety switches).  

What distinguishes a Kirby vacuum cleaner from other brands of vacuum cleaners?

People prefer to purchase the Kirby vacuum for a variety of reasons, but typically they just flat out deep clean way better. Below we have created a table that in a glance goes over the difference.   

One column that should be added to the table below is CFM.   CFM stands for Cubic Feet of Air moved in a minute.   CFM is the greatest indicator of deep cleaning performance.    Most bagless vacuums (like Shark and Dyson) will have 50 to 75 CFM (at about 80 CFM bagless vacuums stop working).  Other vacuums like Rainbow and Miele can get as high as 88 to 90 CFM.   Kirby vacuums are one of the only vacuums that is over 100 CFM and why they deep clean so good.  

Vacuum cleaner brands
Average years lasted
Average price
  25 years
  15 years
  7 years
  3-4 years
  2 years

How dependable is the Kirby vacuum, and why is it so dependable?

The Kirby vacuum is been made over a hundred years in the USA and it has a very good reputation. The USA take their engineering very serious and that is why the Kirby vacuum is long lasting and it is a very good deep cleaner. We frequently hear from contented customers who have been using Kirby vacuums to successfully clean their homes for thirty, or even forty years.

These devoted clients are aware that their Kirby vacuums will always provide a complete cleaning, no matter where they reside or what phase of life they're in.

The Kirby vacuum cleaner is made up of metal and the die-cast metal that underlines Kirby vacuums' heaviness may make them heavier than other vacuum brands, but this heft is one of the things that makes them so dependable and long-lasting.

The filtration system on the Kirby vacuum is quite effective. The Kirby vacuum's filtration system enhances air quality by lowering its exposure to harmful particles. In addition to this, good filtration may help your vacuum last longer.

Am I really saving money by using the Kirby vacuum cleaner?

Even while a Kirby vacuum initially costs more, you end up saving money over time because of its extremely low lifetime cost of ownership. Other vacuum models are notorious for needing frequent repairs and replacements, but aside from the money you spent for your Kirby vacuum, you won't need to spend much more.

Shall we go over the math? :)

So on average most "disposable" vacuums (like you might find at Walmart or Target) last on average 2 years and cost $200.  So you are looking at an average cost of $100 per year.   This does not count the terrible cost to the planet as these vacuums are shipped halfway around the planet every 2 years.   Also, if you keep doing this imagine with inflation what these will cost in a decade or two.

Now lets compare the Kirby vacuum.   Lets say you go to and buy one of our newest models for say $700.   We estimate that they will last 20 to 25 years.   Even at the low of 20 years that is only $35 a year you are paying AND it is going to deep clean MUCH better.

Then what about the thousands you could save by your carpet lasting longer because the Kirby can deep clean sand while other vacuum's cannot?

What about the hundreds you could save every year by owning your own professional carpet shampooer?

You get the idea.   The fact is that Kirby vacuums are one of the least expensive vacuums to own and in time you will actually save money (plus make the planet happier).  

How long can I use the same Kirby vacuum brushroll?

The Kirby vacuum is the only vacuum (that we are aware of) that allows you to adjust the head height for your carpet AND also adjust your brushroll.  This allows you to move your brushroll closer or further away from your carpet if you want.  We notice that Kirby brushroll's normally last 4 to 5 years and their life can be extended by adjusting the brushroll closer to your carpet as the bristles wear out.  In fact we made a Youtube video showing you how to do this.  

We hope you found our guide helpful :)  We covered the cost of Kirby vacuums, the best models, why they are better than other vacuums and even covered some of our most frequently answered questions :)  For more information please check out our Kirby vacuum page by clicking here or drop us an email to   

Already a Kirby vacuum owner?   We would love to hear in the comments below how long you have had your Kirby vacuum.  Or did your parents have one?   We get comments all of the time where people were like "I have gone through 6 vacuums in 10 years and then I remembered my parents had a Kirby vacuum.  I remember as a kid that darn thing would never die".  LOL feel free to share your experiences in the comments below :)