How To Choose A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

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How To Choose A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

One of the questions we get asked a lot is “How do you pick a GOOD commercial vacuum cleaner?” In this video, Dustin tackles that very question!



The bad news is there are a ton of vacuum distributors out there that make commercial vacuums that really aren’t commercial. They just take a residential vacuum, add a three-prong cord, and slap “commercial” on the front. If you buy one of these it could very well be dead within a few months. For a vacuum cleaner to be truly commercial it needs to have been designed that way from the ground up.


The vacuum in this video is a commercial vacuum we sell a lot of called the ProTeam. This particular model is the XP-15. It has onboard tools and an extra-wide head to make cleaning simple and fast! We sell a lot of these to professional house cleaners because they’re lightweight, reliable, and have a 5-year warranty.


There are three things your commercial vacuum needs to have. The first is: simplicity! You may not know who is operating the vacuum and what their technical skill level is. Simple vacuums leave less room for error. This ProTeam can go from hardwood to carpet with the flip of a switch.


The second thing you need is a long, durable, three-prong cord. A typical residential cord is 20-30 feet in length, but we like to see commercial cords that are 30-50 feet. They should be extra thick, in case you run them over (we’ve all done it.)


The third thing is dependability! Can it stand up to all the hard use it’s going to get?


This room is carpeted with commercial carpet, which is low-pile. Most residential vacuums don’t do well on low carpet like this.


Now, you’ve heard us say not to use a residential vacuum for commercial use, but the other way around is fine. You can use a commercial vacuum for your home! We have lots of customers who use these at home because they’re lightweight, dependable, have HEPA filtration, and work great on pet hair. It has extra-large tubing since it was designed for commercial use, so it doesn't clog with hair very easily.


Are you looking for a commercial vacuum, but aren’t sure where to start? Email us at with more information about your commercial situation or leave a comment! You can also head on over to our YouTube channel to see more educational videos on all of our different products.



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