5 things we did during Virus to help our employees be safe!

Sep 02, 2022

5 things we did during Virus to help our employees be safe!

This is a video talking about the extra steps we do at GreatVacs to keep our team safe and working during the virus. Check out these 5 tips you have probably never heard before!

Hi, It’s Dustin CEO and Founding member of GreatVacs today we talking about how we keep our team safe during the virus. 

So in GreatVacs, we have 22 employees who work on our team and I wanted to make a specific video for office manager people who own their businesses who are self-employed, and who like me probably laying awake at night thinking about your team and making sure you’ve got there taking care of at GreatVacs because we are small businesses we must take care of each other and I know you feel the same way about your team or employees so I wanted to shoot this video and give specifics on what we’ve done and we planned to keep our people safe I also wanted to introduce some of the technology that we use to help as well.


The first thing we did was send anyone who had some office or a computer job we sent them we told them to pack up the desk they office computer all their stuff and they went home and they started working from home people had to juggle a bit of schedule but it’s working pretty good.


The second thing we did is compartmentalize as much as we could because while we had said half of our staff working from home we still have the other half front line and at GreatVacs through this process, we got all orders out within 24 hours we haven't had any delay we have a great frontline team people that working hard every day to get your order out on time and taken care of so there were a couple of things we did for them one of them is compartmentalized as much as we could so as an example we tried keeping our shipping department separate from production department that makes and built our vacuum cleaners our building that we’re has a wall with a door in it we sealed and lock the door so we tried and compartmentalize as much as we could.


We built an ozone tent I tell you a little bit more about this later and about the technology behind this but this is a tent built in our warehouse and you could use a natural room for this if you want but all incoming shipments to us from our suppliers go into this tent first they’re treated with ozone and sanitize then a certain amount of time passes we let them be taken out of the ozone tent or room in this way we keep our staff safe and make sure everything is cleaned and sanitized as it’s coming into us.


Every one of our employees every one on our team. Just as a gift I gave this to them for their own home personal use so this is nothing to do with work and it went a long way for our people to know that they do care about me and they are concerned about our safety.


What I have before me are 3 different units that we feel can make a difference so two things have proven effective at killing viruses and one of tos is UV Light or UVC Light and the other one is ozone there have been 17 different scientific separate tests done with ozone and UVC and it’s the effect on viruses and the 17 test long story short called it showed it being effective so I post the reference below if you want to do some of your research and read into these scientific studies.

Some resources on how effective Ozone and UV are on Viruses.  While we do not guarantee results we do encourage you to do your research.  The 5 methods we used in our video above are part of our overall plan which also include checking temperature, wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing.   

There is a quote that I wanted to read from you.

The national ozone association.

Treatment for about an hour or two should be enough to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces short and ozone treatments are easy to apply to combine routine ozone treatments with proper cleaning and sanitizing already in place hand washing and controlling infectious hot spots for maximum effect.

In another word these aren’t cure-alls they’re not just do everything it’s a tool to use and we use the same thing at GreatVacs.

This is the unit that we run in our ozone tent and our shipping area just because it’s an industrial-grade model 

This one right in the middle is really good for like offices, offices, office space, and home use.

This is our best one for like small offices if you have like small salon or retail space things like that. 

Each of them has a different kind of technology I’ll post a link below where you can learn more about them.

This model here is clear acrylic 3500 I give each one of these to each of our employees to take home to their families it was a gift and I don't want it back it was expensive but our team is worth it.

The reason is this model has a powerful UV Bulb it has two modes and mode number 1 allows it to run on air purifier mode while you’re in the room and on the left is air purifier mode. It has a HEPA filter that the air has to pass through first and a powerful UV Bulb that the air has to pass through.

So if you're at home or office or whatever and you want to have running all the time this is the unit for that it is our most popular one.

Ozone Mode - ozone itself can be a lung irritant so whatever you're treating a room with ozone you want to make sure the room has no one in it or no pets and then you do our treatment usually one or two hours is sufficient and then turn off the ozone open the windows and you're good to go.

  • On air purifier mode this model can run while the room is occupied ( cleaning with UV light and HEPA filters)

This is our most popular industrial grade ozone generator it also has UV what’s interesting about this one is it has 2 modes one mode can produce 6,000 milligrams of ozone and on high mode 12,000 milligrams of ozone which ton of ozone super industrial grade.

If you have a large space, for example, we use this SS7000 on our ozone tent we also use two of these units in the shipping area.



Let me tell you the strategy, for example, in our shipping department we have shifted, and one shift will come in till work to do a shift of shipping, and then when they leave the last person out sets the timer we have 2 to 3 of this unit in our shipping department is quite large and the last person out turn it on and walks away about two hours next shift will come in it’s been sanitized and these units have automatically turned off these units are especially effective removing odors and they have ozone UV technology for killing bacteria and viruses.

This is our industrial-grade unit I suggest this if you’re using this in a warehouse setting or large space and also in ozone tents or want to set up ozone tents or ozone room like we did for sanitation where products come in they’re sanitized that’s where I suggest this unit is just for commercial or industrial use for your business.

This MODEL HE-500 is our most affordable unit it’s great for small spaces or offices and things like that and it’s just a timer this has no UV bulb just ozone but it is our most affordable unit so if you’re on a budget but also want to have some protection and sanitation this is the unit I would suggest for you.

  • Always read the owner's manual before using it for proper use.

That’s it those are the 5 steps we've taken to protect our team and to make sure that we have a safe environment when your team knows that you care about them and that you’ve invested in them and their safety and care about their families as well this come along way it gives them a lot of confidence to come to work knowing that we got you to have their back at GreatVacs we have the best team we have a such great group of people and they super smart very technical they really know their stuff and we really want to take care of them and also their families.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach us at service@greatvacs.com we’d love to answer any of your questions or if you have a specific situation would you like advice on which model would be the best? Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and for helping to keep everyone safe and be safe out there god bless thank you.

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