Are Kirby's built to last?

Aug 30, 2022

Are Kirby's built to last?

In today's video, we'll be testing the durability of a Kirby Vacuum, by trying to destroy it. We're looking to see if the vacuum motor still turns on after a series of drops.

If the motor does turn on, it just shows how well Kirby vacuums are made. Stick around to find out for yourself. 

Are Kirby's built to last?

Hey, everyone, it’s Kyle from GreatVacs was going to see how strong a Kirby vacuum is this is a G4 model we don’t sell this one’s just hanging out for a few years ago so I decided it’d be a cool video to see how strong they are.

I’m going to show you that it turns on I’m going all the way up to the limit of our order picker and throw it off and then we’re going to see if it turns back on.

I got an Extention cord here I’m going to plug it in and turn the vacuum on to show you that the vacuum currently running and turns on and functions properly.

This is the order picker we’ll be using safety is a concern so I will be strapped in to order picker so let's get started.

Alright, so pretty cool carnage were gonna see if it turns on now.

Since the head broke off we have to engage one of the safety switches. Kirby is pretty durable and still works.

Alright, that's for today’s video I ended up dropping 3x instead of 1 as you saw the vacuum broke in multiple parts but still turns on so just you know that Kirby makes a high-quality product.

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