Kirby: Best Vacuum on the Market!

Sep 01, 2022

Kirby: Best Vacuum on the Market!

Kirby... They've been around since 1906. That's got to tell you something about them. If you've never used one of these fine pieces of machinery then you're missing out. They can do everything and they do it well. From basic tools to hardwood cleaning and shampooing the Kirby Vacuum can handle anything you throw at it.

In this short video, we demonstrated a few things the Kirby Vacuum can do.



Take the vacuum handle and slide it into the locking pivot piece you know it's locking when you hear it click.

Take the top handle and connect the two pieces so what you do is slide over the lower handle portion.

On the top handle, there is a quarter wrap screw to go into, and then tighten it down with a screwdriver or power tool.

Connect the Kirby bag.

Get your cloth bag and find the clip on top of the bag insert it into this clip portion right here it’ll lock letting the user know it’s installed correctly.

Convenient foot switch

Plug the Kirby vacuum.

Turn on Kirby's vacuum.

Bright LED light illuminates the ground and helps you see all the dirt.



Lift the guard undo locking mechanism then turn the belt to the off position.

Remove the power head and connect the tool hose.

  • Make sure the tool hose is connected to the safety switch or the Kirby will not turn on.

Now you can use your attachment tools like floor tools, wall tools, duster brushes, crevice tools, upholstery tools, and pet tools.



Remove the power head or tool hose take the air intake guard and connect. Lock the lock-in mechanism and then drop the lid.

Remove the Kirby bag and grab your tool hose and connect it where the bag would be.

Now you can use it as a blower or inflator.

You can attach the tool hose to the sprayer



Press the button and lift.

Grab the portable handle attachment. Connect that to where the handle would be and make sure you press it in pretty firmly.

Use your Kirby to shampoo your carpet or clean your hard floor.

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