Kirby Vacuum Bag Comparison HEPA 3M Aftermarket Difference

Oct 21, 2019

Kirby Vacuum Bag Comparison HEPA 3M Aftermarket Difference

Kirby Vacuum Bag Comparison HEPA 3M Aftermarket Difference

Have you ever wondered which Kirby bag was the best for your Kirby vacuum? Turns out you’re not alone! We get asked this question a lot! To see which bags were the best, we put them to the test!


How can you test a bag? Well, one great tool is an air flow meter! It’s basically a tube with a spring attached to a ball. We use these to determine how much suction power a vacuum cleaner has. Why would we use this to test which bag is the best? Well, oftentimes the more filtration you add the more power you lose. We will be looking for the best filtration with the least power loss.


Our first test is a Kirby vacuum with no bag. Result: almost a 6!


Our first bag is the Kirby paper HEPA bag and it scored a 5.


Our next bag is the white Kirby 3M HEPA bag. This one is the most expensive Kirby bag you can buy but is supposed to have better performance. This one scored a little bit better than a 5. This is probably because it has more surface area and also why the bag is more expensive.


Our third bag is a HEPA bag made by GV. Envirocare makes one that is nearly identical. It is white and made of the same material as the Kirby 3M bag we just saw. Our results: about 5.5!


If you’re concerned about the size difference between the Kirby 3M and the aftermarket, don’t be! The aftermarket bag is actually folded in at the sides and will expand.  The Kirby does not have this fold.


In conclusion – if you want to stay loyal to the Kirby brand go ahead and buy the genuine Kirby 3M bags. If you aren’t concerned with brand, the aftermarket bag is a great choice.


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