How to service a Kirby Zip Brush

Aug 16, 2022

How to service a Kirby Zip Brush

"Why did we write this article? At Greatvacs we are the largest rebuild warehouse in the US. We have serviced and rebuilt over 50,000 high-end vacuums. We get asked all of the time "How to service a Kirby Zip Brush" so we decided to make this video and article for you. Enjoy :)"

This is Avalir 1 Zipp brush if you’re not sure what is Kirby Zipp brush is it’s pretty much a pet hair and upholstery tool.

It’s got this spinning brush on the inside and uses vacuum suction to spin it.

When you’re using it go side to side it's great on pet hair, upholstery, or any furniture.

From generation G3 all the way to Avalir 2 the servicing will be the same. The only difference is since Sentira 1 all the way to Avalir 2 it’s gonna be this curved-looking zip brush.

And for whereas from ultimate diamond all the way down to the G3 Zipp brush is more of a boxy looking Zipp brush.



The only tool you need is only your hands and possibly a razor blade if you have a razor blade and that blade is curved or kind of a hook that’ll work great for any stubborn hair that’s tangled inside the Zipp brush.

To take the Zipp brush apart you need to find the front of it and find the button lock.

Press it in and pull everything apart when you press it in usually everything just pop out so you got the top bristle part.

Now you got the spinning brush or the turbine.

And the body of the zip brushes itself.

Just make sure the gold piece in the middle is in there if it falls out keep a hold of it so you can back in later.



For the top part with the top bristles, you can either run this through a wire wheel, or if you have a compressor or can of air you can spray to remove the dirt and debris out along with the hair and pick the hair out.

For the spinning brush or turbine there usually going to be dirt and hair cake on the middle parts so the razor blade comes in handy, you can cut the hair away and pull it apart.

For the top bristle, you can either run this through a wire wheel or you can spray them out if you have those things available.

For the main body, you can usually just wipe the inside out because they do get dirty.

If that’s too much work what you can do is just get the hair off of everything and throw these parts into the dishwasher and by the time dishwasher is done everything is cleaned and look brand new again.


  • Get the main body.
  • Get the middle turbine or spinning brush and set it on the inside if you look closely there are cutouts in the main body and the spinning brush has tabs sticking out when you put it in. Maneuver it to sit in there properly.
  • Grab the top parts grab the low end right here.
  • That's going to the back
  • Then the top parts kind of snap into place.

All right that’s gonna be it for this how-to instruction on how to service your Kirby zip brush. 

I hope you guys find it helpful.

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