Replacement Rainbow Head Power Nozzle Brush from

Oct 24, 2019

Replacement Rainbow Head Power Nozzle Brush from

Replacement Rainbow Head Power Nozzle Brush from 

We get asked if we sell replacement Rainbow heads quite often! If you’ve ever gone looking for a genuine Rainbow head, you probably noticed that they can run you around $200. Today, Dustin shows you a replacement head that is NOT made by Rainbow, but that we’ve sold a lot of and our customers love. They’re less expensive, work great, and come with a geared belt so you’re not replacing belts!




These replacements head kits will work on all models of D3, D4, and SE. There are two types of connection: button lock and friction fit.


The kit uses friction fit to attach to your Rainbow hose. You simply insert the hose and twist to the right. To take it off just untwist it!


The power nozzle comes with a standard two-prong cord and you connect it the same way as you would the original Rainbow head.


To vacuum, turn on your Rainbow vacuum and then turn on the power head.


The power head features a stainless-steel brush roll and removable strips for the nylon brushes. It also has the red reset button at the back. The geared belt doesn’t slip and doesn’t need to be replaced.


Another great feature? It’s a standard head so the parts are readily available! It also has an access panel so you can easily see if anything is wrapped around your brush roll. One of the biggest power head killers is carpet fibers! When they get wrapped around your brush roll the motor can get burned out.


Gotta have one? You can find them here!


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