How to Use the Prolux 2.0 Wands

Nov 18, 2019

How to Use the Prolux 2.0 Wands

How to Use the Prolux 2.0 Wands

If you’re having a hard time setting up your new Prolux 2.0, watch this video to see how to extend and properly set up your wand in no time!

Important Safety Tips

  • Always make sure your machine is unplugged and the power button is turned off, before servicing your vacuum.
  • Always make sure your hands are dry and free from moisture before servicing your machine.
  • Be sure to wear gloves when servicing your machine to prevent any cuts or scrapes.
  • If you are uncomfortable working on your vacuum, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we can help you through the process or you can send it into us to fix it for you. 


The picture above shows the main wand that comes with the standard 2.0 kits.

The lower portion of the wand is contained inside the larger portion and sticks out as seen here.

The remove the lower portion you will need to unclamp the locking mechanism, grab the end, twist, and pull.

If you’re having trouble removing this section you may need to loosen the set screw, which is shown in the picture above.

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