Unboxing and Assembling the Prolux iFORCE Canister Vacuum

Aug 29, 2022

Unboxing and Assembling the Prolux iFORCE Canister Vacuum

"Why did we write this article? At Greatvacs we are the largest rebuild warehouse in the US. We have serviced and rebuilt over 50,000 high-end vacuums. In today's video, we will "unbox and assemble the Prolux iFORCE Canister Vacuum" so we decided to make this video and article for you. Enjoy :)"

Hey, everyone, it’s Kyle from Prolux Cleaners and today I’m gonna be doing unboxing and assembly.

It’s pretty straight forward there’s tape on both sides and down to the middle. 

Now the box is open I’m just going to be taking parts out and get everything lined up and we’ll start the assembly process.

  • Instruction Manual.
  • Mini Turbo or Pet Tool.
  • Main Extendable Wand.
  • Power Hose.
  • Basic Attachment
  • Floor Tool / Squeegee.
  • Electric Power Nozzle.
  • iFORCE Canister Vacuum.

Now everything is unboxed all the tools and attachments removed from the packaging.


Start with the canister and then the hose grab the hose port and plug it directly into the canister.

Push the button on both sides for it to go.

Grab the main wand and plug it into the hose you’ll hear it snap to place.

Get the power head direct connected to the port and put that into the pivot it doesn't go in at first you might depress the button lock.

The main wand connects to the hose and plugs that into the power head.

Grab your tool caddy connect it to the wand just push it on.

Connect the tools.

So you saw how easy it is to assemble the Prolux iFORCE Canister Vacuum. I’m gonna take some time and go all over the parts and attachments.

Where going to start with the canister the Prolux iFORCE is bagless.

To remove the dirt bin turn it around and you’ll notice this unlock button on the handle press that it will detach the dirt bin to the actual canister.

On the bottom part, there is going to latch you’ve pressed it in the trapdoor will release.

On the top of the dirt bin, there are going to be some arrows if you align the bottom arrow with the outline it’ll unlock the top part of the handle.

Here you can find the pre-motor filter.

Remove it get your new one to replace it put the handle back on lock it in place.

On top of the canister, there is a button on each side of the circle with an eye in it will be the power button.

The other button is for cord retraction.

This fake-looking wheel is a hidden compartment for the other filter.

You can twist it to the left take the cover off you’ll find the post motor filter.

I’m going over the main wand. This style of the wand is considered direct connect since one end is direct to the power head and the hose plugs directly on the top.

This wand is extendable locate the button there is an arrow pointing down push it down and pull the other end to collapse the wand push down the button and push it in.

The main electrical nozzle and main electrical hose both have an on/off switch.

On the power head it’s going to be on the right side if you’re looking from the back of it it’ll be a circle with the line in it.

The hose handle switch there be “O” and “I” 

For the power nozzle and the main wand make sure both of them are turned on make sure the vacuum canister is turned on the handle switch is turned on and the power head button is turned on. When you get this item both of them the switches will be off.

  • For some reason the power red button is turned off just make sure the handle switch is on and you press the power head button again.


Mini turbo or Pet tool you can use this on couches, chairs, and drapes it’s pretty much an upholstery tool but you can use it on your pet you can rotate or lock the bristle down or you can have it on bare surfaces.

Crevice tool you can use this on the crack between couches or chairs or use it on your baseboards.

Duster brush uses this on dust on tables, countertops whatever else you see fits.

Floor tool with squeegee attachment. the squeegee tool will be used for hard floor surfaces it just keeps any dirt or debris from getting past the bristles. Make sure you use the hardwood floor with or without the squeegee attachment.


If you notice your vacuum suction is poor you either have a clog somewhere in the hose the wand or power head your dirt bin is full or your filters are dirty to test the suction directly on the canister unplug the hose and cover the inlet port with your hand the suction is strong from the canister go ahead and plug the hose test it from the hose if that suction is strong connect the wand test it from the wand and then connect the power nozzle and test it if all that seems well your dirt bin can be full go empty it into your trashcan. 

If the power nozzle is not turning on make sure both the switch on the hose and the switch on the power head is turned on also make sure the on/off button in the canister is engaged as well.

Check the filters if the filters are dirty you can blow them with a can of air or an air compressor or you can wash them if you decide to wash them make sure you let them dry completely reinstall any type of water in the filters the vacuum section will suck into motor causing premature motor failure.

Don't forget, GreatVacs is the only authorized dealer of Prolux products, so if you need any parts, supplies, or have any questions, email service@greatvacs.com

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