How To Use Rainbow Vacuum Attachments

Nov 22, 2019

How To Use Rainbow Vacuum Attachments

How To Use Rainbow Vacuum Attachments

Our customers often ask how to use their Rainbow vacuum tools and attachments. In this video, Dustin explains exactly how it works!




The first thing you need to do is determine which hose to use. Unless it is specifically stated, NEVER use an electric hose to vacuum up liquid. For regular vacuuming of dust and debris the electric hose is great. When you’re using the floor tool and when you’re cleaning up wet spills, the non-electric hose the one you should choose. It is also called the dry hose.


Once you have the hose type picked connect it to the vacuum.


If you have a D3, D4, or SE model you will simply push your tool of choice on and twist to the right to secure it. The newer E models use a button lock so the tool will snap into place. All of the onboard tools work this way, including the crevice tool, upholstery tool, and duster brush.


Let’s say you want to use your floor tool! Start by attaching the short straight wand.


Then attach the curved wand, making sure the two small bumps are at the unattached end.


Now you can attach your floor tool!


All of those instructions are for Rainbow’s genuine tools. What do you do if your Rainbow was sold with aftermarket tools? It works mostly the same. The tools will probably be friction fit.


The floor tool is where it may be different. Many aftermarket floor tools have a built-in swivel, unlike the Rainbow genuine floor tool. Because of this the wands will be a little different.


Usually there will be two short, straight wands.


You just simply attach the floor tool at the end and get to cleaning!


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