GreatVacs: Overview and Demonstration on the Prolux 7000 Residential Vacuum Cleaner

Aug 12, 2022

"Why did we write this article? At Greatvacs we are the largest rebuild warehouse in the US. We have serviced and rebuilt over 50,000 high end vacuums. Here's a video a featuring "The Prolux 7000 Residential Vacuum Cleaner, Enjoy :)"

The Prolux 7000 Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Strong Rubber Wheels

Large 1 Gallon Bag

Bag Full Indicator

Easy foot pedal release

Convenient On/Off Switch

LED Lights

HEPA Filtration

Post Motor Filter

Suction Relief Valves

Attachment Hose

On Board Tools

Extended Wand


What are the attachments that comes with the Prolux 7000

Duster Brush

Crevice Tool
 Upholstery Tools
 Mini Turbo

How To Assemble The Prolux 7000 Residential Vacuum Cleaner


How To Change The HEPA Filters of The Prolux 7000 Residential Vacuum Cleaner


 Step 1. Open the Front Lid.

Step 2. Pull and change the HEPA Filter with a new one and put back the lid.

Post-Moto Filter

  1. Switch the lock and open the post motor filter and changed the filter.
  2. Return the post motor filter.


How To Change The Bag Of The Prolux 7000 Residential Vacuum Cleaner

1. Open the lid and pull out the bag 

2. Insert new Bag and close the lid.


That's how easy it is to set up and use the Prolux 7000 Residential Vacuum Cleaner. If you want additional details about our other products you can visit or send us an email at and we will gladly assist you!

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