Finally! A vacuum made for women. Lighter, Easier, Faster!

Oct 10, 2019

Finally!  A vacuum made for women.  Lighter, Easier, Faster!

Finally!  A vacuum made for women.   Lighter, Easier, Faster!

The Prolux Bagless Backpack vacuum's new patent pending technology is the world’s only bagless backpack vacuum where the user can hardly feel it, because not only does it only weight 8 lbs, but about 80% of the weight is put on the users hips. This makes cleaning fast and easy (2x faster than standard uprights) and is especially beneficial for woman users.

Even though women still clean more than men, most vacuums are still bulky, heavy, and require a lot of upper body strength. Basically, most vacuum cleaners are still designed for men.

Introducing the new technology of the Prolux bagless backpack vacuum! It is designed to cut cleaning time in half and be so light that the user can barely feel it.

As the inventors of this patent pending technology, how did we come up with it? From my wife, of course! One day, while climbing up the stairs my wife pulled a stomach muscle. Angrily, she said “Being in the vacuum industry, why don’t you invent a vacuum made for women and one that cleans faster!?”

The cleaning faster ideas was easy. Backpack vacuums! They clean about twice as fast as the standard upright vacuum. However, the problem with most backpack vacuums is that they’re heavy and bulky. Most women find them very uncomfortable. Even though I have about three times the upper body strength of my wife, she could hold a baby for an hour with no problem, but it would kill my back. How was this possible?

Research shows that, while men have more upper body strength, women have larger hips and knees and a lower center of gravity. Current backpack vacuum technology had the motor at the top, which placed all the weight at the user’s shoulders. Most of them don’t place ANY weight on the user’s hips.

The 8-pound Prolux bagless backpack vacuum is the world’s only backpack vacuum with the motor at the bottom of the unit, which allows about 80% of the weight to rest on the user’s hips.

It has a tool for nearly every job and amazing 102 cfm of cyclonic power, this vacuum is designed to cut your cleaning time in half.

If you’re ready to do something else with your time, consider the patent pending Prolux bagless backpack vacuum today!

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