Bagless Backpack Vacuum Demo Cuts Cleaning Time in HALF

Aug 23, 2022

Bagless Backpack Vacuum Demo Cuts Cleaning Time in HALF

"Why did we write this article? At Greatvacs we are the largest rebuild warehouse in the US. We have serviced and rebuilt over 50,000 high-end vacuums. In this video we will show you how the "Bagless Backpack Vacuum Demo Cuts Cleaning Time in HALF" so we decided to make this video and article for you. Enjoy :)"

Are you tired of spending all of you’re time cleaning and cleaning or there is something else you’d rather do, 

Introducing Prolux bagless backpack vacuum the new patent-pending technology on the Prolux cyclonic backpack vacuum design to do two things. 

  • First to be so light the user can barely feel it.
  • Second, to cut cleaning time in half.

In fact, in a side-by-side comparison test with a standard upright vacuum, the Prolux bagless backpack was found to be over 3x faster.

So why is this technology 3x faster simple as the user vacuums side to side versus forward and back they were able to vacuum much faster. Also, the tools on the cyclonic backpack vacuum are designed to quickly and easily get around the furniture.

This new patent-pending technology is the world’s only bagless backpack with the motor placed at the bottom of the unit. Unlike other vacuums this allows over 80% of the weight of the vacuum to be placed on the user's hips this is especially helpful to women users.

The vacuum cleaning ability and power are measured by cfm.

Most standard vacuums have on average of 80 CFM which requires the user to vacuum the same spot over and over.

The Prolux bagless backpack vacuum has an amazing 102cfm allowing the user to clean in only one pass.

Other features of the Prolux bagless cyclonic vacuum.

  • Easy to use tools.

  • Easy to empty of dirt bin.

  • Only weighs 8 pounds.

A tool kit is available.

  • Home tool kit.
  • Commercial tool kit.
  • Electric power brush.

If you are ready to do something else with your time then consider the patent-pending Prolux bagless backpack vacuum.

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