Here at Great Vacs we are frequently asked what differences exist between some of the Kirby Vacuum models. We are also asked what model is best. We have decided to make this page to show you the difference in the Kirby vacuum cleaner models. This is not a technical page about Kirby Vacuums. To get that information, you will need to contact the Kirby Company.

Disclaimer - All information we have provided is third party information. The information contained herein is what we have learned over the years from repairing and rebuilding Kirby Vacuums. All information and statements are merely our opinions. This document does not contain any official or technical information on Kirby Vacuums. For that information you need to contact the Kirby company or your local distributors. We are not a Kirby distributor nor are we associated in any way with the Kirby Vacuum company. This information is provided to make you aware of some of the features of the vacuum, not to provide technical or official information. We don't claim to include all information in this document, but if you have knowledge or information that would enhance this document, please let us know and we would be glad to include it.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

 Kirby Vacuum Model Differences

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Model Power (CFM) Filtration Self Propelled Motor Speed Weight  GreatVacs 
Fan Style
G4 Model 107 Micron Yes 1 Speed 22.8lbs 5 Years onMotor, Fan, Bearings & Tech Drive/Transmission Plastic
G5 Model 107 Micron Yes 1 Speed 22.6lbs 5 Years onMotor, Fan, Bearings & Tech Drive/Transmission Kevlar
G6 Model 107.5 Hepa Yes 1 Speed 22.95lbs 5 Years onMotor, Fan, Bearings & Tech Drive/Transmission Kevlar
Ultimate G Model


108 Hepa Yes 1 Speed 22.95lbs 5 Years onMotor, Fan, Bearings & Tech Drive/Transmission Kevlar
Ultimate Diamond Edition Model


114.7 Hepa Yes 2 Speed 23.2lbs 5 Years onMotor, Fan, Bearings & Tech Drive/Transmission Kevlar
Sentria Model


115 Hepa Yes 1 Speed 22lbs 5 Years onMotor, Fan, Bearings & Tech Drive/Transmission Kevlar
Sentria II


115 Hepa Yes 1 Speed 22lbs 5 Years onMotor, Fan, Bearings & Tech Drive/Transmission Kevlar

* The CFM Ratings where done by our company.   To see how we test for CFM CLICK HERE

Kirby G4 Vacuum Kirby G4. The G4 Kirby is a great vacuum and much like the G3, however, some improvements were made. They added a smoother shifting transmission and designed a stronger pivot assembly. They then added the feature of Micron Magic Filtration. Micron Magic Filtration was years ahead of its competition when it came to filtration. I have seen some "hepa-type filtration" that was not as good.  The Kirby G4 has the plastic fan which can break if you vacuum up metal.   From the model G5 and on they all use Kevlar fans that don't break.  
Kirby G5 Vacuum Kirby G5. The G5 Kirby and the earlier model (the G4) are very similar. As far as performance you probably would not notice it. They did make some good changes though. Probably the most significant was the Kevlar fan. Most vacuums don't have the power to suck up bullets and quarters but Kirbys do (yes a few people have vacuumed up bullets with their Kirby).  The G5 was a great model for them because of the Kevlar fan, which is almost unbreakable. The look of the Kirby was also changed slightly and it was more rounded and modern looking (see pictures). Also, the powerhead belt lifter seemed to move easier. A few tools (like the floor tool) took on a slightly different appearance as well. The brushroll magnet was also switched to the other side. There is a brushroll for the Generation 3 - G4, another one for G5 - Gsix, and another one for the Ultimate. As far as brushroll performance, we never noticed a difference from models Generation 3 through Gsix.
Kirby Gsix Vacuum Kirby Gsix. With the Gsix HEPA filtration was introduced (Filters down to .01 microns).   Anytime HEPA filtration is introduced it chokes down the air flow as air has to pass through the HEPA filtration.    To compensate for that Kirby came out with a improved mini emptor.   It was designed so that air could flow better through it which made it so it had HEPA filtration and as much power.  Another change was in appearance. On the handle they started putting the years (like 2000 limited edition). The 1999 and most of the 2002 Kirby Gsix have nothing on their handles. However, the 2000 and the 2001 had their years on the handle.
Kirby Ultimate G Vacuum Kirby Ultimate. With the tests we did the Ultimate G is slightly more powerful and 3 years newer than the Gsix.   Also the brushroll was improved.   It seemed the improved style of brushroll did a better job at picking up pet hair as well.
Kirby Diamond Vacuum Kirby Ultimate Diamond Edition.  Even though its not the new model, the Ultimate Diamond Edition is one of the most popular models of Kirby that people buy (Sentria & Diamond our our best sellers).   The reason is, its the ONLY model of Kirby that comes with the 2 speed motor.    Also as you can see from the chart above the motor is more powerful.  This is a great feature if you have hardwood floors and throw rugs or need to do any delicate dusting.    The problem with the Kirby and throw rugs is it has so much power it just sucks the throw rug up inside the vacuum.   Which can be annoying to clean.   With the Diamond model you simply switch it to the low power and the problem is solved.   Its the perfect amount of power to clean the throw rug but not to much that it sucks it up inside the vacuum.
Kirby Sentria Vacuum

Kirby Sentria There were actually several changes between the Sentria and the Diamond.   With the Sentria they changed the look to a more modern look and added LED lights (so you don't have to change light bulbs anymore) it is also 1.2 pounds lighter.    They changed the handle and the belt lifter to plastic but we have seen no problems with those breaking and they are still very strong.  They also changed the style of the bumper on the head and changed the design of the tools.   All the tools from previous models still fit they just look a little different on the vacuum.    So the Sentria to date is the most powerful and lightest of all the models.

Kirby Sentria ll With the new Sentria ll, Kirby continued with the modern look and revised the styling and colors on the new model. The Sentria ll still uses L.E.D lights so no need to change a light bulb ever again.  The weight remains the same as the original Sentria at 22lbs (1.2 Pounds lighter than the other Kirby models)  The biggest change on the new Sentria ll is the stiffer brushroll bristles which last longer and clean deeper into your carpet compared to the older models of Kirby brushrolls. The Sentria ll is now the newest model of Kirby available.

Kirby Sentria Vacuum Recommendations: If you are thinking about buying another plastic upright from a superstore that is only going to last a few years, we suggest you buy a Generation 3 Kirby Vacuum or Kirby G4 Vacuum. It's about the same price and it does a better job vacuuming and will last much longer.

If you are on a budget but want a good all around vacuum we suggest the Kirby G5. Its one of our best sellers and has a Kevlar Fan for longer life.

If you have really bad allergies we recommend a Kirby Gsix or later. They all have HEPA filtration, Kevlar Fans and similar power.

As you can tell, there are differences between the models but the biggest differences are age and color. In our opinion, age is not a big factor in a Kirby because they last so long. However, when it comes to pure vacuuming performance, most people don't notice a big difference between models. We hope this information was helpful to you and that it will answer your questions about differences between the Kirby Generation Models. If you still have questions, you may email us at or see our Kirby's for sale on our website.

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