How to Fix - Rainbow Head Won’t Turn On

Oct 02, 2019

How to Fix - Rainbow Head Won’t Turn On

How to Fix - Rainbow Head Won’t Turn On

One of the more common questions we get about Rainbow vacuums is: “Why won’t my head turn on?” People will vacuum fine one day, then the next day the head just won’t start. In this video we go over a few tricks to make sure your power head is working properly.

Important Safety Tips

  • Always make sure your machine is unplugged and the power button is turned off, before servicing your vacuum.
  • Always make sure your hands are dry and free from moisture before servicing your machine.
  • Be sure to wear gloves when servicing your machine to prevent any cuts or scrapes.
  • If you are uncomfortable working on your vacuum, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we can help you through the process or you can send it into us to fix it for you. 


The first thing you should do is make sure your power head is getting electricity. Start by plugging the hose into the vacuum like you normally would.

Now make sure your hose is connected to the head properly.

If you were to turn on your vacuum now, the red indicator light on the power head should turn on. This lets you know it is receiving power.

If it’s still not working with all connections checked, press and hold the red reset button. If you vacuumed something up, like a sock, it may have tripped the reset switch to protect the motor. In most cases this will work.

If that doesn’t work and the red light is on, turn the vacuum off and unplug it. Then, flip the powerhead over. Remove the two screws on the bottom and then remove the bottom plate. Check for any loose wires that may have become disconnected and then make sure that your belt is firmly attached and that the brush roll can spin.

What if your red light never does turn on? Some of the newer models have a trigger in the handle and the power head only comes on when you press it. If you have it hooked up, plugged in, everything is on, AND you press the trigger and still nothing happens you know your power head isn’t getting power. You can troubleshoot this by disconnected the hose and then plugging the two-prong connector from the power head directly into the canister. If it turns on you know the problem is in the hose!

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