GV 8 Qt BackPack Vacuum Cleaner Product Commercial Cleaner

Nov 13, 2019

GV 8 Qt BackPack Vacuum Cleaner Product Commercial Cleaner

GV 8 Qt BackPack Vacuum Cleaner Product Commercial Cleaner

In this video Dustin talks about the 8 quart backpack vacuum from GV!

Important Safety Tips

  • Always make sure your machine is unplugged and the power button is turned off, before servicing your vacuum.
  • Always make sure your hands are dry and free from moisture before servicing your machine.
  • Be sure to wear gloves when servicing your machine to prevent any cuts or scrapes.
  • If you are uncomfortable working on your vacuum, please don’t hesitate to contact us at service@greatvacs.com and we can help you through the process or you can send it into us to fix it for you. 

One reason this backpack vacuum is so great is it only weighs 10 pounds! That’s really light for a backpack vacuum.

The GV 8 quart vacuum is super easy to put on and comes with a Velcro waist strap, which allows most of the weight to sit at your hips and not your shoulders.

You can also easily attach the hose to the right or left side of the vacuum.

By removing the HEPA filter and installing the hose here, you can use the vacuum as a leaf blower, to clean keyboards, or to inflate with!

Another great feature is that is comes with an extendable wand! You can extend it to the height that if comfortable for you.

It goes from carpet to hardwood or tile with ease!

Standard attachments include: the crevice tool, upholstery tool, duster tool, three different inflator tools, and the floor tool. 

Flip the switch on the floor tool to extend the brushes! If you press the other switch the brushes will retract.

If you’re looking for a vacuum that’s easy to use, will save you time, and is powerful, then consider the 8 quart backpack vacuum by GV!

If you need any parts, supplies or have any questions, email us at service@greatvacs.com or leave a comment! You can also head on over to our YouTube channel to see more educational videos on all of our different products.