Answering Questions About HEPA Filters

Nov 18, 2019

Answering Questions About HEPA Filters

Answering Questions About HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are great, but how do you know when to clean, or even replace them? In this video, we answer 3 main questions about HEPA filters: When to clean, how to clean, and when to replace your filter.

Important Safety Tips

  • Always make sure your machine is unplugged and the power button is turned off, before servicing your vacuum.
  • Always make sure your hands are dry and free from moisture before servicing your machine.
  • Be sure to wear gloves when servicing your machine to prevent any cuts or scrapes.
  • If you are uncomfortable working on your vacuum, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we can help you through the process or you can send it into us to fix it for you. 


Question #1: When do I need to clean my HEPA filter?

We recommend checking your filters once a month for regular use. If you are using your vacuum a lot more, you may need to bump that up to every two weeks. If you notice light dirt or dust on the surface of your HEPA filter, it’s a good time to clean it!


Question #2: How do I clean a HEPA filter?

You can vacuum the surface of the filter. If this isn’t enough you can run it under warm water and make sure you let it air dry completely before putting it back in the vacuum and using. We recommend having a backup filter on hand. That way you can still use your vacuum while the first filter is drying.

We also recommend blowing the HEPA filters out. You can use an air compressor or a can of air. This works well to get the dirt and dust out from deep in the grooves.


Question #3: When should I replace my HEPA filter?

With regular household use, we recommend replacing once a year. If you vacuum a lot more than average, you should replace them every 6 months. If you keep up with checking and cleaning your HEPA filter they will last a lot longer and you won’t spend nearly as much money replacing them.

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