Welcome to the Lab......the GreatVacs Lab!

Want to know what the best vacuum for you is?  Really really? Our lab is FULL of testing equipment. Equipment you probably don't have access to. Things like CFM tester, Suction Water Lift Meter, Temperature Gun, Ozone Tester, Electrical Tester, Tennis Ball Tester and Particle Emitter tester. With these tools we really can tell what vacuums are best. We have used the GreatVacs Lab for years and fully test any vacuum brand before we sell it. So you can rest assured you will get the best vacuum for you. Check out the below guides to see some of our tests and guides.


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Don't see the guide or test your looking for? OK you caught us. We are awesome at Vacuums and testing but terrible at taking the time to write down our tests. In that case then check out the "Best Vacuum Cleaner for You" form. Just let us know a little about what you're looking for, and one of our vacuum experts (who has rebuilt and tested thousands of vacuums) will respond back with some great ideas and suggestions for you :)