Water Air Purifier Humidifier Difference

Oct 21, 2019

Water Air Purifier Humidifier Difference

Water Air Purifier Humidifier Difference

We get asked A LOT about water air purifiers these days. Many of the vacuum companies out there that make vacuums that filter with water also make air purifiers that filter with water. Here’s a classic video where Dustin goes over some differences and similarities of a couple of our best sellers.

The best two are the Rainmate by Rainbow and then the New Comfort brand.

If you listen to the video Dustin turns both on to let you hear how amazingly quiet they are.

The New Comfort purifier has an added safety feature which also helps speed up refilling! You don’t even have to turn it off!

Interested in fragrances? We sell five packs of fragrances that you can add to the water. Now your air purifier doubles for aromatherapy!

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