New Comfort Ozone HMA-700/O3 Air Purifier

Oct 22, 2019

New Comfort Ozone HMA-700/O3 Air Purifier

New Comfort Ozone HMA-700/O3 Air Purifier

In this video, Dustin goes over the exciting New comfort HMA-700, which is a commercial ozone air purifier.

Ozone air purifiers are designed to destroy odors and clean the air. This commercial air purifier is used by businesses like restaurants, bars, beauty parlors, or even construction sites.

It is designed to be used in unoccupied spaces and has a convenient 60-minute timer. When you go to leave for the day you can simply set the length of time you want it to run and then walk away. It also has a powerful UV bulb that cleans the air as it passes through. UV is known to kill things like mold spores and viruses that could be floating around.

It comes with three ozone plates that are removable and washable. They should be washed about every 30 days of use with hot water. Simply allow them to dry and you can put them back in! The reason it has three of these ozone plates is so you can customize the amount of ozone you would like to produce.

On top of these great features it’s very well built and has a three-year factory warranty!

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