New Comfort 3500 Series 6 Stage Air Purifier

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New Comfort 3500 Series 6 Stage Air Purifier  


The New Comfort 3500 Air Purifier comes with 6 stages of purification.


It comes in real cherry wood, black acrylic, and clear acrylic.


It is designed to effectively remove dust, allergens, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and powerful odors.


The New Comfort’s specialized fan grid and powerful fan give it 20% more power than other brands.


First, it cleans by pulling air through its powerful HEPA filter. This effectively removes dust, allergens, pet dander, and more!


Next, the air passes through the carbon filter. Odors and gasses are removed as they pass through this filter. The carbon particles have millions of pores, which absorb the noxious odors and gases.


Next, the air passes through the photocatalytic TIO2 filter and by the powerful UV bulb. When used together, they are designed to remove viruses, bacteria, and mold.


The air then passes by the dual point negative ion generators, which are designed to clean the air of dust, allergens, and more.



As an optional feature, the user may engage the ozone cleaning ability. Ozone is a very effective way to remove smoke, mold, and other powerful odors. The oxygen in the air is converted to ozone by electric discharge.


The New Comfort 3500 Air Purifier is designed to keep your home’s air clean and fresh, with its six stages of purification and 3 year factory warranty!


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