Fastest Easiest Vacuum on Carpet Tile Or Hardwood? Backpack VS Upright Test

Nov 08, 2019 - 0 comments

Fastest Easiest Vacuum on Carpet Tile Or Hardwood? Backpack VS Upright Test

In this video, Dustin goes over the easiest and quickest vacuum to clean your home! He does a test to see if a standard upright or the GV 8 qt. backpack vacuum comes out on top.



If you take a look under the vacuums, you’ll notice that the upright’s suction tube is on one side. That means you’ll get a lot of cleaning power on that side, but you might have stuff left behind at the other. If you vacuum tile, you will probably need the floor tool.


The GV vacuum cleaner has the suction tube in the middle, which causes uniform suction all the way across. That means you can use the same head on all different floor types – carpet, hardwood, tile, etc.


Test time! Which vacuum can clean the fastest? The average home isn’t JUST wall-to-wall carpet. There is tile, wood, carpet, and, of course, lots of furniture! You have to be able to reach under beds and couches as well.


The upright vacuum took 2 minutes and 55 seconds.


The GV Backpack vacuum took 1 minute and 35 seconds!


When vacuuming at the same speed, the GV Backpack vacuum got the job done 54% faster. One big reason is that you don't need to constantly change tools depending on the job. The backpack vacuum was also lighter and easier to use around furniture and other objects.



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