Unboxing and Assembling the Prolux TerraVac Canister Vacuum

Aug 17, 2022

Unboxing and Assembling the Prolux TerraVac Canister Vacuum

"Why did we write this article? At Greatvacs we are the largest rebuild warehouse in the US. We have serviced and rebuilt over 50,000 high-end vacuums. In this video we will unbox and assemble the Prolux TerraVac Canister Vacuum. Enjoy :)"

For today we are giving you rundown on Prolux TerraVac we’ll be going over unboxing assembly and attachment of the vacuum itself and how to fix any issues with it with some common troubleshooting at the end.

Prolux TerraVac Unboxing

To unbox the Prolux TerraVac we have tape going sideways on each side and one long tape going to the middle get this open real quick 

Now the product tear back is unboxed I’m gonna be taking the parts out and you what the parts are.

I’m gonna set it aside once everything is out go over the parts and assembles the vacuum.

  • Owners manual

  • Floor tool

  • Mini turbo or pet tool

  • 32 millimeters extendable wand

  • Main electrical hose

  • Electric power nozzle

  • Prolux canister 


  • Start with the wand and plug that into the top of the power head.

  • Next is the hose plug the hose handle into the top of the wand.

  • Take the hose which plugs into the canister.

That's it.

Where gonna start with the canister and go over some factors.

  • On my left side you have the cord retract button.

  • Right side you have the Power button.

  • Right here you have suction adjustment it goes to a minimum all the way to maximum.

  • On the back you have a filter cover where you can access the post motor filters just pop that off.

  • Pull the filter out and replace it if you’d be.

  • Flip it around you’re going to have the bag chamber which is this black latch pull up 

  • Here you have access to the bag and pre-motor filter which to remove it 

  • To remove the pre-motor filter push down pull it out to put the new one just slide it in pop into place.

  • To place the bag take the old one out and slide it to the bag chamber which has two slots for the bag to insert into.

  • To find the tools there’s gonna be a little black latch right here you can see the upholstery slash duster and the crevice tool. 

  •  All you do is push it down and then you have the tools in there.

  • This is the Main electric hose.

  • This is the part that connects to the canister hose port.

  • This end will plug into the top of the extendable wand.

  • On top of the handle you’ll a two-way switch on/off.

This is the 32 millimeter direct connect extendable wand this is the part which inserts into the top of the power head and where electric hose connect to.

  • To extend it locate the black button press down with the other hand to pull it out to collapse the wand push the button and push it in.

Here we have an electric power nozzle. This one is going to be the basic version compared to the power head that comes with the blue prolux terravac will have height adjustment and a power button whereas this one has the power button. This will be used for carpet rugs and hard surfaces.

  • Here is the power button

  • Windows so you can see the brush roll

  • Headlight right here

  • Power supply which the wand inserts into.

  • Insert this into the power head pivot.

  • Depress the button lock it’ll slide in to place.

This tool right here is a hard floor tool.

  • Can connect to either hose or wand.

  • On the underside you’re gonna have bristle that goes all the way around.

This is the mini turbo or pet tool. this tool will be used on furniture upholstery anything you see fit.

  • It has up and down rubber bristle part.

  • Inside you have spinning brush roll.

Last but not least we have bags, the owner's manual, and the tools which are inside the canister.

  • When you buy terravac you get 5 additional bags 6 if you have included the one inside the canister.

  • Owners Manual

  • Flyer which has our email if you need any customer service

For the tool you have crevice tool.

  • Can be use between couches baseboard any cracks you see fits

  • Duster Brush / Upholstery, Tabletop, Furniture, Drapes Upholstery, and any other surface you see this tool can be used.

Once you have the vacuum assembled and your ready to vacuum all you have to do is press the three buttons.

  • Press the canister power button.

  • Turn the hose the handle switch on.

  • Press on the power head button to turn the power head on.

If you want to use your power head on hard floor surfaces make sure the handle switches off that way the power head’s brush roll isn’t spinning a spinning brush roll on hard surfaces won't pick the dirt or debris up it’ll just kick it backward. So when you turn the power head off the head will be using a vacuum section to pick up the dirt or debris.


If you notice your vacuum is poor or overheating and turning off you probably have a clog somewhere in the system.

I recommend unplugging the hose from the canister turning the canister on and placing your hand over the hose port if the suction is strong then go ahead the plug the hose in.

Remove the hose from the wand and test the suction directly from the hose if the suction is good then your hose doesn't have the clog.

When the suction is poor take a broom handle or a flatten-out metal hanger and shove it through the hose to dislodged the clog.

If the section is good then check the wand which you can just usually look through it and if you can't see through the other side you have a clog.

The last part is the power head you can look inside the pivot area if you notice a bunch of hair and dirt go ahead and dislodged it.

Or if the brush is caked with dirt and hair you’re going to take the bottom plate off remove the bristle and clean all the hair and dirt off.

If your power head is not turning on you’re going to make sure the power head button is on and the hose handle switch is in position.

Check also the bag if full replace it the bag is clear and doesn't have any dirt or debris spilling out of it you’re going to want to check the filters if the filters are dirty we recommend replacing them or you can wash or blow them out with kin of air or air compressor. If you decide to wash the filters make sure you make them dry completely before reinstalling them that way the vacuum isn’t sucking water to the motor.

If you want to learn more about our products you can visit GreatVacs.com or send us an email at service@greatvacs.com and we will gladly assist you!

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