Safety Tips for Electric Heaters

Oct 22, 2019

Safety Tips for Electric Heaters 

Are you curious about what you should look for in an electric heater? In this video, Dustin talks about energy efficient electric heaters and safety!



If you watch the news, chances are you’ve heard of houses catching on fire due to unsafe electric heaters. Dustin is standing next to the New Comfort ES 1500, which is one of the safe ones. It uses infrared heat that doesn’t get hot enough to burn and it also has several safety features.


So what should you look for in an energy efficient electric heater? Well, there are two main things! The first is this certificate (it’s the one that says ETL.) If it says UL that is sufficient as well. If it has one of those two you know the heater was tested independently by a safety company that used rigorous testing methods.


The second thing you should look for is the emergency shut off switch. Why would this be important? Let’s say that something happens overnight to your electricity and the heater shorts out! It happens and has happened to our customers. Heaters with this safety switch will automatically shut off and could prevent a fire or near-fire situation. If a heater doesn't have both of these things then don't buy it!


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