Rainbow Manuals and Tips

Nov 18, 2019

Rainbow Manuals and Tips

Rainbow Manuals and Tips 

Have you ordered a Rainbow vacuum? Are you excited and at the edge of your seat waiting on your cool new toy to arrive? In this video, Dustin gives you some homework to do while you wait! We’re kidding, but he does go over how to download the manual for your vacuum cleaner and where to find some great maintenance tips!



So how do you download the manual for your Rainbow vacuum cleaner? Start by opening up a web browser and going to www.rainbowsystem.com.


Once you get there, click on "support" to open a drop-down menu, and then click on "manuals."


Some people get a little confused here, because Rainbow has different manuals for different parts of the vacuum. If you want to know how to use your canister, you’d click on the picture of the canister.


This takes you to another page where they have pictures of all the different models. If you purchased an SE you would click on the D4, since they work the same.


Now you see a list of all the parts! Click on either the download link or the .pdf icon to see a copy of the manual. Easy, right?


Now let’s go over some maintenance tips! Go to our website – www.greatvacs.com – and then click on vacuum education center.


Scroll to the bottom and you can search our YouTube channel! If you type in Rainbow it will take you to all of our videos about Rainbow vacuum cleaners. We are constantly adding to this, so if you need to see how to do anything Rainbow related you can probably find it! We recommend starting with the video of maintenance tips so that you can start off on the right foot.


Want to know what Rainbow vacuum is best for you? Check out our Rainbow Vacuum guide!


Looking for more info? Check out our Education Center!


Need your Rainbow repaired? Send us an email at service@greatvacs.com


We sell Rainbow vacuums! We buy Rainbow vacuums! And we sell parts, tools, or anything else you need! If you need any parts, supplies or have any questions, email as service@greatvacs.com or leave a comment! You can also head on over to our YouTube channel to see more educational videos on all of our different products.

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