New Comfort ES-1500 Infrared Heater

Oct 24, 2019

New Comfort ES-1500 Infrared Heater

New Comfort ES-1500 Infrared Heater

In this video, Dustin talks about the importance of an Energy Star thermostat. This allows you to program when to heat and at what temperature! If you’re at work all day and no one is home you don’t need to heat your living space to a comfortable temperature. Instead, you can keep it a bit above freezing and then program it to get it up to the ideal temperature by time you get home!

It’s no secret that an infrared heater is the most efficient electric heater out there. The best combination? An energy efficient infrared heater WITH an Energy Star style thermostat!

One such heater is the New Comfort ES-1500! The ES stands for “Energy Saver” and, at the time of the video, it is the only infrared heater with an Energy Star thermostat.

The Energy Star thermostat on the ES-1500 has two main features. One is that you can set the temperature you want the room to be, press Hold, and it will maintain that temperature.

The other feature is that you can program the time of day you want it to heat to certain temperatures! Are you looking for energy efficient heating? This is the heater for you!

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