Model Differences on Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Oct 08, 2019

Model Differences on Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Model Differences on Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners 

Have you ever wondered what the feature differences were between the different models of Rainbow Vacuum cleaner? In this video Dustin goes over the D3, D4, SE, SE PN2, E-series, and two E2 Two-Speeds.





The first vacuum is the Rainbow D3. This particular one is about 30 years old and is your basic Rainbow vacuum. It’s great for vacuuming up wet spills because, like all Rainbows, it uses water to filter. We don’t work on D3s quite as often due to their age and the difficulty in finding replacement parts.



After the D3, Rainbow came out with the D4 model. The head and hose are still pretty similar to the D3, but they changed the canister quite a bit. One of the main differences is that the D4 has significantly more power. Parts are still easy to find for the D4, which is also a huge advantage.



After the D4 came the SE. The D4, SE, and SE PN2 all have the same amount of power and the canisters are very similar. Probably the biggest differences is that the decals have a different color. Now, the biggest difference between the D4 and SE is that the SE has an electric hose instead of a long electric cord like the D4.  If you do need to vacuum up something wet you should switch to the non-electric hose!



Next came the SE PN2! They improved the power nozzle and you can note a more modern shape. They also added a trigger on the hose, which means if you let go the head stops vacuuming!



Then came the E-series E2. This vacuum gives you a lot of bang for your buck, because they made a whole bunch of improvements! They added a HEPA filter, gave it more power, put cushioning under the handle, and the water bowls are spring-loaded and snap in place.


E2 2-speed

After that came the E2 2-speed. This vacuum, as the name suggests, has 2 speeds. One can be used as an air purifier and is very quiet. The other speed is for your regular vacuuming.


E2 2-speed (blue)

The last one is also an E2 2-speed, but it has blue decals. This one has a quieter motor and is more expensive.


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