Aug 08, 2018

Kirby vacuums are all slightly different to use than regular, ordinary vacuums. The 2000 limited edition has a high tech driving feature that self propels the unit to drive on floors and other surface areas. This can be tricky to use during the first time for those that have only used the push variety of vacuums. But it is quite simple and a convenience factor once you get the hang of it. Here are some step-by-step directions for how to use this specific Kirby:

1. Make sure that the dust bag has been installed correctly. It should be attached to the nozzle. If it is not it could cause quite a mess.

2. Plug in the vacuum into an outlet with no obstructions. Next, turn the unit on by pushing the power on pedal near the base of the vacuum.

3. Now be sure that the cleaning component is placed at the right level. Long carpet will need to be at a different level than short carpet or hardwood floor and linoleum type surfaces.

4. The yellow tech drive pedal can be engaged at this point. Be careful to keep the vacuum away from walls and corners until you get the feel for the self propelled function.

5. Vacuum as you normally would and be sure to unplug the Kirby when you are finished. The vacuum should then be stored in a cool and dry area.