Aug 03, 2018

Which is the best filter queen model?

Hi this is Dustin at Great Vacs and I just got this email from a customer. "Hi, I'm looking at a couple of the Filter Queen Vacuums that you have...... I am a serious buyer & would like your professional opinion on which one to get. I want the strongest motor, most durable, etc. I buy a new vacuum like every 1-2 years, I'm sick of it. I'm going to break down & spend more money, I just don't want to have any problems. My Husbands Mom swore by her Filter Queen, so I'm going to take her word for it, I just need help choosing because I don't know anything about Filter Queen. Also, how often do the filters need changed & how much do they cost? How much do the bags cost & how many come in a package? Is there any other maintenance issues I should know about? Thanks for any HONEST help you can offer before I make a choice."

This was my response to her and I am posting it here to help other people with the same questions.

"You bet no problem :) We are Filter Queen experts and would be glad to help. The nice thing about Filter Queens is they are dependable (we see 40 year old Filter Queens that run perfect), powerful, and are the best for filtration. For the most dependable and most powerful there are 2 models to check out.

1. Filter Queen Majestic Green (shown below). They put a larger motor in it than previous models so its more powerful. However it still has the old style hose, tools and wand connections. The connections where made of metal, this style was the most dependable. 

2. Filter Queen Blue 75th - They put an even bigger motor (most powerful unit). However, they changed the hose, wand and tool connections. These connections snap together and are made out of plastic. A lot of customers have complained that over the years those snaps break and have to be replaced. If you are very careful when you unhook your main wand and tools you probably wont have any issues. 

I would suggest you stay away from the blue filter queen 360 model (model after the 75th) as they had some issues with the main wand. The 360ss model (newest, most expensive model at the time of this writing) is fine with no issues that we have seen.

So if it was me and I was picking one to put in my house..............which one would I choose? I would get the green colored majestic one or the blue 75th. For the money they are a good buy, powerful and dependable. If I wanted the most dependable I would go with the green one if I wanted the most powerful I would go with the 75th blue model. Thanks, Dustin"

Here on the blog if you have any other questions just post them in the comments section and we would be glad to help where we can. - Dustin