Aug 03, 2018

Kirby vacuum owners have purchased a high quality vacuum system in hopes of getting the best quality cleaning and product life value for their hard earned money. Without continued and proper maintenance even top of the line vacuums can lose their amazing cleaning abilities.

Some of the most noticeable issues with vacuums include decreased cleaning power and noisiness. You can trouble shoot both of these issues easily. Here are some steps to finding out what the issues are and fixing them.

If you have noticed that your vacuum does not have as much suction as usual, you will first want to check on the roller. The roller can affect the cleaning and suction power greatly when it has been jammed up with dirt and hair. This is an easy fix, as you can usually clean the roller out within minutes.

If your Kirby G5 vacuum is making an unpleasant noise, it is most likely a belt issue. You should read your manual to learn how to replace a belt and do it as scheduled. If a belt has extreme wear or a small tear, it could make a loud noise and can cause further damage if not repaired immediately. 

Another simple troubleshooting step to take if your vacuum is not working as well as usual is to check the actual vacuum bag. These bags can tear and the tear will cause airflow to decrease and dirt to slowly seep back into the air.