SHARK ROTATOR / Torture Tests and Destruction

Aug 31, 2022

SHARK ROTATOR / Torture Tests and Destruction

In this destruction video, we take a Shark Rotator Liftaway vacuum and put it through a series of tests. In the end, we end up just destroying it. It did better than I thought.

Hey, everyone, it’s Kyle from GreatVacs and we have another vacuum destruction video for you today and today's victim is a shark rotator vacuum I’m going to put it through a couple of torture tests and see how it handles and we’re going to end up breaking the whole thing entirely.

As always you’ve got to make sure that vacuum turns on so I turn it on real quick.

The first test we're going to do is I got a bunch of glass on a rug and we’re going to see if the vacuum can pick them up.

Alright so did pretty well against those marbles.

Now we’re going to see how it does vacuuming up some fire.

Let's try that again.

All right now the fire did some damage to the vacuum we’re gonna cool the vacuum off by sucking up some paint. 

The last test we’re going to do is we’re going to see if it can suck up some dirt and rocks.

All right so I think the vacuum’s pretty much done for now it’s not doing anything I think the paint clogged all the filters and the hose so while it’s running I’m gonna beat it up with a pickaxe.

All right that is for today’s video the shark vacuum went through a marble test and a fire test sucked up some paint and went to battle with a pickaxe and looks like it’s a loss.

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