Aug 08, 2018


The Rainbow vacuum aquamate is a tool that transforms the rainbow into a carpet shampooing cleaner. It is very popular and well reviewed by consumers.

The aquamate is also easy to use. After simply vacuuming carpet, the aquamate is built to hook up to a faucet (Aquamate 2 and 3 are self contained and dont hook up the sink) and the vacuum cleaner. When it is attached with two easy steps it is primed for cleaning.

Below is the Aquamate 1. It connects to the sink and can be used on any Rainbow. The downside of this shampooer is it can only work within about 30 feet of a sink in your home. It does not have a brushroll for automatically scrubbing the carpet. This is the only shampooer attachment that will work for D3, D4, SE and SE PN2 Rainbow models.


Above is the Aquamate 2 hooked up to a E series Rainbow vacuum. It is self contained (does not have to be hooked up to a sink) and only works on E series or E2 and later models. It does not have a rotating brush for scrubbing the floor so the used must scrub the floor with the provided nozzle.

Below is the Aquamate 3. It is also self contained (does not need to be hooked ot the sink to work) but has a brushroll for scrubbing your carpets (very easy) and only works on E2 and later models that's electrical hose is rated for water pickup.



With the use of a button, aquamate can spray shampoo into the carpet or fresh water for rinsing. After the carpet has been shampooed and rinsed another tool can be attached to the Rainbow vacuum to properly suck the water from the carpet. Once the moisture is removed, the carpet will look better.

The aquamate can be used on stains for quick removal or in high traffic areas such as doorways and hallways.

The use of an at home carpet shampoo attachment can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. It will drastically reduce the costs of having to use the services of carpet cleaning professionals.

If a something has been spilled on carpet, a quick change of attachments can ready your Rainbow Vacuum to clean the spill before it seeps deep into the carpet pad and eliminates the risk of stains.

If carpet becomes to dirty, even professionals will have problems getting it clean to a standard. The only solution for this will be a costly carpet replacement. Cleaning high traffic areas with the Rainbow Aquamate will help to keep carpet in good shape and looking like new.

There are many advantages to purchasing a Rainbow vacuum model. The aquamate is just one of the features that make the brand so popular. Homeowners also enjoy features such as the crevice tool, upholstery tool and a air compression tool that helps to fill up items such as bicycle tires and floating pool toys.