Aug 08, 2018

There are a few different ways to see how a rainbow vacuum works. Household and online demos can help you to visualize exactly how all of the high quality components work together to create the machine.

An ordinary vacuum cleaner uses a bag to filter and catch debris, dust and dirt when cleaning. A rainbow differs because it uses a HEPA filter system in some models. A HEPA filter will help to capture even the tiniest molecules of dust and even pet dander. This is very helpful for those with allergies.

Some models work by filtering dirt and capturing the particles in a water unit. This will ensure that the dust is not put back into the air. Many low quality vacuum cleaners without filters that are great quality will simply recirculate dirt back into the air. Within hours the dirt will settle and a room will appear as dirty as it was before vacuuming.

There are several additional items that can be added to a regular model. These feature upholstery-cleaning attachments, blind cleaning attachments and dusting attachments. They all work differently and instructions for these can all be found in the manual. The most popular attachment is the aquamate shampooer.

The aquamate is the shampoo cleaner add-on for a Rainbow. It works to by feeding a hose to a sink with another attachment that attaches to the main vacuum component. Within only a couple of minutes a regular vacuum cleaner can work as a carpet shampooer. This attachment will help to clean stains before they set and to clean high traffic areas in the home.