GreatVacs: Dual Action Stainless Steel Ozone Generator for Water and Air use

Aug 11, 2022

"Why did we write this article? At Greatvacs we are the largest rebuild warehouse in the US. We have serviced and rebuilt over 50,000 high end vacuums. Here's a video a featuring "The New Comfort H20-500 Commercial Ozone Generator, Enjoy :)"


The New Comfort H20-500 Commercial Ozone Generator


  • High output fan rated for 5000 Sq. Ft.
  • 5000mg of ozone per hour into the air
  • 4000mg of ozone into water
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • 120 minute countdown timer
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Dial to adjust level of ozone

    DUAL ACTION OZONE GENERATOR - The H2O-5000 Ozone Generator/Purifier can be used on both water and air! Use included tubes and stone to introduce Ozone to the water that is to be treated.

    ADJUSTABLE OZONE OUTPUT - Control how much ozone is generated per hour with a simple turn of a dial.

    CONTROL ODORS AND DESTROY IMPURITIES - If you can smell it, the H20-5000 can destroy it. Got contaminated water? Don't worry! Works great removing water impurities and viruses.

    COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL GRADE - Rated for 5000 sq. ft.

    How to Use New Comfort H2O-5000 Commercial Ozone Generator

    Step 1. Plug the Unit

    Step 2: Set the timer. The H2O-5000 Ozone Generator has a 120 minuet timer with hold function

    Step 3: Adjust the Ozone Output. You can adjust the ozone output up to 5g/hr 


    How to Use New Comfort H2O-5000 Commercial Ozone Generator To Ozonate Water

    Step 1. Simply attach the hose 

    Step 2: Adjust to your desired ozone output

    That's how easy it is to operate The New Comfort H2O-5000 Ozone Generator! If you have any additional questions about this product you can visit or send us an email at and we will gladly assist you!

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