Destroying a Dyson vacuum cleaner!

Aug 31, 2022

Destroying a Dyson vacuum cleaner!

Here's a quick video of Kyle destroying a Dyson vacuum. Hope you guys enjoy it! If you guys want to see Kyle destroy a D3 Rainbow vacuum cleaner let us know in the comment section below.

Hey, everyone, it’s Kyle from GreatVacs about a week ago I run a poll on our youtube channel asking you guys if I can destroy a rainbow vacuum or a Dyson vacuum and the majority of you voted Dyson vacuum so today I’m going to be taking this Dyson up on to the roof of GreatVacs and I’m going to throw it off to see how many pieces it break in to.

I’m going to plug the vacuum, in turn, it on to show you guys that it works and I throw it off the roof and it breaks into million pieces I'm gonna plugin to see if it turns on.

The Dyson didn’t break into million pieces but we got some carnage and destruction out of it.

The head split in half.

The side of the ball is all scratched.

The tanks are broken.

The handle is broken.

The clip on the bottom of the dirt door is broken.

The back right here is pretty much hanging on by some wires.

The wheels don't lock into place.

So I’m gonna plug it in and see if it turns on.

So I wasn’t too impressed by throwing it off the roof so I’m gonna try to break it more using a giant wrench.

All right that’s it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed watching me destroy Dyson that Dyson is now peacefully resting in our trashcan.

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Andrew Sharp

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