Prolux 8 Quart 1hr Lithium Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum with 2 Year Warranty

Prolux 8 Quart 1hr Lithium Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum with 2 Year Warranty

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387% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (Yep, no typo. We mean it)


  • Prolux 8qt lithium powered battery backpack vacuum with tool kit to tackle any job! Prolux's 1 hour run time cordless vacuum is built to handle the toughest commercial cleaning. Safety, convenience, durability and speed are key to your cleaning business and this powerhouse hits every point.
    • Safety - Getting the job done with no tripping hazards or worry of scuffing walls or catching the cords on expensive items.
    • Convenience - Tools to tackle nearly any job gives you the power to leave every inch of your area clean with the use of one machine. Includes tools specifically designed to vacuum, dust, clean furniture, carpet, blinds, ceiling fans and just about any other thing you can think of.
    • Durability - The Prolux 8 quart is a stout, well designed machine that is tried and true. You will not have to deal with problems and have to deal with dreaded down time. Best part is we back this with a two year warranty on the machine!
    • Speed - Quick charge vacuum fully charges in 2 hours and offers 1 full hour of cleaning time. No cord will give you the mobility you never even knew you wanted. Simply moving around desks, chairs and in and out of small areas will become an absolute no thought process.
    • Specs - 18 Pounds - 9 attachments - 2 hour run time - 1 hour charge time - 24 Volts - HEPA Filtration - 80 CFM - 52 Water Lift - 489 Air Watts - 3 liter bag capacity
    • Uses the same technology, and has the same performance as the ProTeam battery powered back pack vacuums that cost over $2000 !
      • Lightweight and Easy - Only weighs 18 lbs with the battery installed! Compared to other battery powered back pack vacuums that weigh 22 lbs. If you have lots of hardwood or tile in your home or business then this vacuum is for you. You will be amazed at how much time you save by cleaning with the Prolux backpack vacuum! Also has super comfortable padded shoulder and waist straps for easy comfortable cleaning
          • Comes with a Lithium Ion Battery (Best battery money can buy) that will run for 1 hour on a full charge!  You can charge the battery in about 2 hours, and it can handle over 1000 charge / discharge cycles.
            • LOADED with Easy to use tools! Premium tools include: crevice tool, duster brush, upholstery tool, and deluxe floor tool. The floor tool is a high end design and works really well on both hardwood, tile floors or low pile rugs and carpet. Adjustable telescopic metal wand so you can adjust the vacuum for the perfect height for you. Also comes with 6 HEPA bags (one pre installed) so you don't have to worry about new bags for a long time. We also sell additional bags which are a very common style so they can be found many places.
            • Versatile for many different uses - Hose has easy to use pump to vacuum with. Crush proof hose can be switched to left or right side of vacuum depending on preference.  Easy access on/off switch allows you to turn on and off very easily.

            WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

            • 4 stage Filtration system with sealed HEPA filter & HEPA bags - Include 6 HEPA bags, HEPA filter and 8 Quart SMS cloth bag. If you have allergies this vacuum is for you. Large 8 Quart bag size last a long time and more supplies can easily be purchased as needed.
            • Dust/ Dirt Capacity is 3 liters.
            • 98 inches of water lift for POWERFUL deep cleaning! That's a lot of power. The Prolux Backpack vacuums are designed to be some of the most powerful vacuums made. In vacuums the longer the hose the more power you lose. Prolux Backpack vacuums are designed in a way that makes them one of the most powerful cleaners money can buy.


            The warranty is the best part of buying this vacuum. This is how it works: We love our vacuums but once its yours we never want to see it again. 
            • 1 Year Power Unit, 2 Year Motor Manufacturer Warranty
            • 60 day Money Back Guarantee......We are so confident you will LOVE your GV Backpack Vacuum that you can send it back for any reason within 60 days of purchase.
            • We don't sweat the small stuff - Why is it when you go to use your warranty you notice it expired the day before?!  Its like they have a button they push the day after your warranty expires! !@#$%  Not here at GreatVacs!  Go over your Warranty by a few days?  No problem we still have you covered.  
            • We only sale products we trust - Here at GreatVacs we can offer great warranties because we take pride in our development process and the products we manufacture and sale. GV spends endless hours ensuring every product manufactured or sold by us is tested thoroughly for convenience, ease of use and longevity!
            • GV stocks parts for every vacuum we sale - Knock your vacuum down the stairs and break a part? Dog decide that your hose was tasty!? Don't worry we have all the parts you need for any vacuum we sale.
            • GreatVacs Cost for parts - Sometimes a small thing breaks on your vacuum.  Its not worth sending your vacuum back for repair.  For example lets say years go by and your brush roll wears out. Instead of sending your whole vacuum back to get it fixed we will just sell you a new brush roll at cost!
            • In stock and ready for same day shipping!

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