Oil Diffusing Water Based Air Purifier/Humidifier by New Comfort

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Oil Diffusing Water Based Air Purifier/Humidifier by New Comfort

Your Price: $49.99

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387% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (Yep, no typo. We mean it)

Does not meet California requirements; cannot be shipped to California. Air Purifier/Humidifier by New Comfort. This is very similar to the Rainbow Rainmate and Thermax, but more advanced!  This works as an air humidifier, air deodorizer, air purifier, air revitalization, air sanitizer, aroma therapy and fragrance machine with its own motor.  Simply fill the water bowl with water and add fragrances (sold separately) to improve the smell of the air. It runs quietly in the background and keeps your air smelling good, fresh, and clean.  Do you know how clean the air smells after a rain storm?  It works similar to that by using a water bath to clean and purify the air, removing odors. The humidifying feature works great for dry skin and allergies.
  • Whisper Quiet - Quietly runs in background using only water. Cleans and purifies air and keeps your air humid and feeling great for your skin.  
  • Oil Diffusing - Add optional fragrances for your home or office to smell great and improve mood.
  • Odor Eliminator - Removes bad odors and keeps your air smelling great.
  • Safe! Safety feature shuts unit off as soon as top is picked up. When the top is replaced unit starts back up automatically.
  • Very quiet operation. You can hardly notice its even running
  • Warranty - 1 year manufacturer warranty on the motor.
  •  60 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are so confident you will LOVE this product that you can send it back for any reason within 60 days of purchase.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

    ATTACHMENTS- (will come with everything that is pictured)

    • One (1) Oil Diffusing Water Based Air Purifier/Humidifier by New Comfort

    DETAILS - (Specs)

    • Covers up to 700 sq. ft.
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Fragrances sold separately.
    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't find this product as amazing as we do, send it back for any reason within 60 days of purchase.

    Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee! This is how it works. We love our products, but once its yours we never want to see it again.

    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee......We are so confident you will LOVE it that you can send it back for any reason within 60 days of purchase (plenty of time to deep clean your home).  
    • We don't sweat the small stuff - Why is it when you go to use your warranty you notice it expired the day before?! It's like they have a button they push the day after your warranty expires! !@#$% Not here at GreatVacs! Go over your Warranty by a few days? No problem we still have you covered.  
    • We only sell products we trust - Here at GreatVacs we can offer great warranties because we take pride in our development process and the products we manufacture and sale. GV spends endless hours ensuring every product manufactured or sold by us is tested thoroughly for convenience, ease of use and longevity!     
    • GreatVacs cost for parts - Sometimes a small thing breaks on your vacuum. It's not worth sending your vacuum back for repair. For example lets say years go by and your brush roll wears out. Instead of sending your whole vacuum back to get it fixed we will just sell you a new brush roll at cost!

    See told you we were serious about you being 387% satisfied! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 121 reviews
    Lisa (Albion, US)
    Works well

    The New Comfort Oil Diffusing Water Based Air Purifier/Humidifier seems to work well. The water turns a bit cloudy and even once had floaties! Which is not surprising with 4 dogs and 2 cats in and out all the time. I only gave it 4 stars because it is rather loud. My husband is sensitive to noise and so I am limited to when and where I can run it. I don't know how they can make the motor/fan run more quietly, but it would sure be nice.

    Pam Matherne (Dallas, US)
    Great lil machine

    I love it ! I want to get another one. It never stops until I either clean it or add water. My mom complemented me on it for Christmas.

    Sherry Brown (Carrollton, US)
    So excited

    Love, love my new air purifier!! I did not know that it had a pretty blue glow. .love that! The sound is very soothing as well.

    Joyce Wiles (Montgomery, US)
    I Think its working

    Purchased bc I saw one in vet's clinic and their clinic always smells fresh, not like animals, so I figured this might help in my home with 3 dogs. My husband also has breathing issues. I haven't put any oil in it yet bc my husband can't take any strong odors. I put a couple of drops of vinegar suggested by someone else so there is no fragrance. After having it for about 3 weeks now I feel my living room is smelling fresher and cleaner. May order another one for the bedroom. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is bc I am still evaluating its efficacy, but I do feel it's working. It just takes time to start recognizing the difference.

    Sheena (Vermillion, US)
    The best thing I’ve bought in a long time

    It took one week for it to be shipped to my house. It makes my house smell amazing and so clean even after frying fish! I feel more at ease now having something with an ultraviolet light on it that kills germs and cleans the air at the same time! I will be getting another one for my bedroom! I love this air purifier not loud at all!