Stainless Steel HE-500

Stainless Steel HE-500

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387% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (Yep, no typo. We mean it)

The Stainless Steel New Comfort HE-500 Commercial Ozone Air Purifier is a professional air cleaner that is designed for tough jobs.

The HE-500 is commercial grade and will "Knock out odors at their source” Ozone cleans by attaching to airborne pollutants, and through the process of oxidation, breaks down the odors molecular structure and neutralizes the odor producing pollutant.

This New Comfort ozone unit produces an impressive 8,500 mg/hr of ozone. Unit has an on/off indicator light and auto shutoff timer can be set for up to 120 minutes. This is ideal because this unit should NOT be used in occupied spaces.

Works wonders on odors caused by Smoke Damage, Pets, Pesticides, Cleaning Fumes, Cigarette Smoke, Mold/Mildew, Paint, Cooking, Water Damage, Decaying material and more.

Highly recommended for use in Auto, Boats, Food Services, Restaurants, Bars, Restrooms, Cooking Services, Motel/Hotels, Rental Properties, Janitorial, Warehouses, Remodeling, Office Buildings, Carpet Cleaning, Construction and more.

Customer Reviews

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-Very powerful... creates lots of ozone very fast.

-I have had other ozone generators... this is heavy duty... aggressive compared to the commercial one I owned. Used it to clean an apartment that was smoked in.

-Works very good. used it for a camper and it worked ...

-Works very good. used it for a camper and it worked great. Son has allergies and the camper did not bother him after using this for only 2 hours in it with the heater system on circulating the ozone.

-Five Stars

-Works fine for now!

-Works great. Used it in the basement and it cleared ...

-Works great. Used it in the basement and it cleared musty smell. Bought a new dehumidifier and things are great again.

-Very satisfied with the product

-Works extremely well. Very satisfied with the product.