Prolux Tritan Bag Holder

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Prolux Tritan Bag Holder

Your Price: $19.99

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Replacement Bag Holder for Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuums.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Customer Reviews

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Priscilla (Pepperell, US)
Prompt Delivery, Over-priced Item

I had to replace the Prolux Tritan Bag Holder for my vacuum cleaner because I inadvertently threw it out with the vacuum cleaner bag. The replacement cost is nearly $20 for this very small piece of plastic that probably cost the manufacturer less than a dollar to produce. I imagine that one reason for this high price is low volume of production. But I also suspect that the consumer is being taken advantage of because there are limited places to buy this item, and the consumer is forced to purchase it at any price in order to operate the vacuum cleaner. GreatVacs, however, made ordering easy and delivery was prompt.

Replacement parts

Replacement parts are sometimes hard to get. Fortunately you had the part I needed.

Robin Stewart (Douglas, US)
Works great

After accidentally throwing away the part to my vacuum I was so happy to find your company and get my replacement part at a very fair price, very quickly.

Cat Montiel (Tiffin, US)
Saved by GreatVacs!

I unwittigly threw my bag holder away with the full bag, thren proceeded to melt it in the burn barrel. Arrgghhh!! I was so upset with myself. Hello Google, I need your help. It directed me to GreatVacs, which had exactly what I needed. Shipped quickly, fit exactly, crisis averted. Now if they'd just get the replacement bags in stock I'd be over the moon! Highly recommend, 4 paws up! 🐾🐾

Joanne Scholl (Fresno, US)
Why I had to purchase it!

I love my Prolux Tritan Vacuum cleaner. I purchased it a few years back however, the bag holder was not included in the original package when I bought it back then. I did not know it even had a bag holder until I happened to see a Prolux Tritan vacuum cleaner demonstration on YouTube. Only then did I realize why it was so difficult to get the bags to hold in place. The owner's manual did not show the bag holder as part of the vacuum cleaner set so I never knew it was missing. GreatVacs should not of charged me for the bag holder since it was not included in the original box however, I paid for the part and it was only around ten dollars or so. Other than that no complaints, the bag holder is doing it's job.