Professional Grade Wall Mountable Wet / Dry Garage and Shop Vacuum by Prolux

Professional Grade Wall Mountable Wet / Dry Garage and Shop Vacuum by Prolux

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GreatVacs Vacuums Value

387% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (Yep, no typo. We mean it)


"This is an amazing car vacuum. Perfect for detailing the car the furry friend has taken a ride in. There is a power head included that sounds like a turbine starting up, boy does that ever remove the hair. To top it off it is also very quiet." Yes that's an actual review from one of our customers and Yes we get reviews like this all the time. Keep you garage, cars and even house clean and dry using the Prolux Garage Vac

  • Prolux Garage Vac - 2019 Prolux Garage Vacuum with a tool to vacuum or dust everything in your garage, car and home! Including the dog... (seriously use the upholstery tool for that).
  • Mini Turbo - Took the pup for a ride, no problem. This little guy is pet hairs worst nightmare. The spinning brush roll and rubber fingers easily untangle pet hair form any vehicle.
  • Detailing Tools to clean every nook and cranny of your car including NEW improved floor tool! Blower feature is perfect to get dust and crumbs between your dash parts. 
  • Wet Pick Up - Tired of your garage looking like a swimming pool after every storm! Use the squeegee tool to keep your garage floor dry and clean.
  • Warranty - 3 Year warranty on entire unit besides tools and filters
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

    ATTACHMENTS- (will come with all attachments pictured)

    • Mini Turbo - This little guy is pet hairs worst nightmare. The spinning brush roll and rubber fingers easily untangle pet hair from any upholstery or carpet type.
    • Blower - 4 blower attachments offer the perfect size to detail or inflate nearly anything! Great for balloons, air mattresses and inflatable pools.
    • Handheld Shampooer - Easily shampoo your upholstery with hand held shampoo sprayer and extraction tool.
    • Standard Tool Kit - 4 main tools include upholstery tool, duster brush, crevice tool and floor tool. Floor tool has a push button to switch between hard and carpeted floor types.
    • 30 Foot Hose -  30 foot hose is the ideal length hose for large cleaning radius while maintaining suction power!
    • Filtration - HEPA filter and cloth filter bag ensures no dust or allergens will enter your air while vacuuming.
    •   Hey we told you it came with a tool for every job imaginable!

    DETAILS - (Specs)

    • Filtration - Washable HEPA filter and cloth filter bag ensures no dust or allergens will enter your air while vacuuming.
    • Wall Mountable - Includes all hardware needed to mount the vacuum and tool storage to your wall.
    • Suction - 155+ (Cubic Feet per Minute of AirFlow) of deep cleaning power at the unit.
    • Capacity - Large dust bin capacity so rest assured you will not waste time having to empty your dust bin a lot.

    The warranty is the best part of buying this vacuum. This is how it works. We love our vacuums but once its yours we never want to see it again. When we rebuild a Rainbow vacuum we NEVER take any shortcuts.       

    • Warranty - 3 YR warranty through Prolux that covers everything besides tools and filters.
    • 60 day money back guarantee......We are so confident you will LOVE  your vacuum that you can send it back for any reason within 60 days of purchase.
    • We don't sweat the small stuff - Why is it when you go to use your warranty you notice it expired the day before?!  Its like they have a button they push the day after your warranty expires! !@#$%  Not here at GreatVacs! Go over your Warranty by a few days?  No problem we still have you covered.  
    • We only sale products we trust - Here at GreatVacs we can offer great warranties because we take pride in our development process and the products we manufacture and sale. GV spends endless hours ensuring every product manufactured or sold by us is tested thoroughly for convenience, ease of use and longevity!
    • GV stocks parts for every vacuum we sale - Knock your vacuum down the stairs and break a part? Dog decide that your hose was tasty!? Don't worry we have all the parts you need for any vacuum we sale.
    • GreatVacs cost for parts - Sometimes a small thing breaks on your vacuum.  Its not worth sending your vacuum back for repair.  For example lets say years go by and your brush roll wears out. Instead of sending your whole vacuum back to get it fixed we will just sell you a new brush roll at cost!
    See told you we were serious about you being 387% satisfied!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 84 reviews
    James (Hedgesville, US)
    Excellent Product

    I absolutely love this vacuum. It’s everything I need it to be. The pressure is better than the vacuum at the car wash. I can make my cars look so professional now. Before, I rarely vacuumed. What a tool for Excellence. Two things though:
    1. I wish I could purchase a more professional hose.
    2. I wish it came with a better hose holder. A larger one. Putting up the hose is harder than vacuuming.

    Matthias Johnson (El Cajon, US)
    Amazing auto detail Vacuum

    I love the power of the vacuum and it came equiped with every attachment I could ever need. Shell of vacuum is nice and thick and attachments are all high quality. I did a lot of research and Im confidant That I got the best vacuum for my budget.

    Larry OConnor (Benton Harbor, US)
    Operates better then I thought

    I've retrofitted a 2 1/2" hose to the inlet of the vac, to be connected to a vac pipe system connected to 5 machines. This machine really moves the saw dust. I have a dust seperator connected which collects 95%+ of the dust going into the vacuum.

    Weller (La Puente, US)
    BEST garage upgrade ever!!!!

    One of the few items that qualify as the best upgrade I have ever done to my garage, in addition to some storage shelves. Macho, 5yo GSD, sheds like crazy and the furs tangle with leaves that get blown in from the driveway. While dyson is good at picking up some furs, it's small size and short battery life just doesn't do much good. This thing is a beast!! Extremely powerful and easy to clean! Installs in minutes .

    Wesley Morris (Jacksonville, US)
    Great machine

    Arrived promptly. Had it wall mounted and ready to go in about 30 minutes. Works great. Has plenty of suction and I love the long hose. I can reach all areas of both vehicles in my garage. I would highly recommend this unit as a superior garage vac.