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Your Price: $5.99

Priority Processing

Your Price: $5.99

GreatVacs Vacuums Value

387% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (Yep, no typo. We mean it)

    Customer Reviews

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    George Grier (Lincolnton, US)
    Prompt Delivery

    The reconditioned Kirby was delivered promptly and has been providing excellent performance since. GreatVacs is a great business.

    Tracy L (Hawthorne, US)
    Great service!

    Always the best customer service - really needed a part and it was expedited once the right part was determined!

    Lula Jones (Toccoa, US)
    Priority processing

    Excellent order arrived on time.

    Robert Sanders (Atlanta, US)
    Fast service, great product

    I use this air purifier every day. It is much better than the common store brands. I got priority processing due to a sudden mold problem and it arrived very quickly! No more allergies or issues. Thanks Great Vacs!

    Brandon Rice (Oklahoma City, US)
    Great Purchase Overall!

    I was an avid Shark vacuum user for many years. My Shark needed a new roller bar, but the vacuum had it built in. The only way to fix it was to replace it. Highly aggravating if I must say! Growing up we always had Kirby vacuums. The first 23 years of my life that is all I used. In my search for a new vacuum, I decided that if I were going to spend 600-700+ on a new vacuum that will last, I might as well go back to Kirby. They are eternal. I have a dog that sheds quite a lot. I vacuum 2-3 times per week usually. Also, I live in an area where allergies are a huge problem, pretty much year-round. I was nervous to buy a rebuilt vacuum, but I have to say that this was an excellent purchase! The wrong bags were sent to me, but that was no big deal. I purchased the correct ones on Amazon for 22.00. The only problem with it is the hose inside the bag. It has a kink in it, but I think it will be ok over time. It comes from the way it was shipped. Overall, I highly recommend GreatVacs as an option!