How to Use the Carpet Shampooer

The first step is to take off the vacuum power head so you can put on the shampooer. To see how to take off the power head Click Here


Now we need to remove the outer cloth bag. To do that you grab the bottom of the bag and pull it away from the vacuum and it will unsnap. Then you unsnap the top of the bag from the handle.
Then fill up your shampoo tank with water (shown in picture). You will see 3 different lines. For every line that you fill with water you will need to put one cap (the shampoo tank cap lid is the measurer) full of Kirby shampoo solution. Then put the cap back on and snap the shampoo tank in place of where the Kirby outer cloth bag used to be. To do so correctly line up the notch on the shampoo tank with the notch on the Kirby vacuum and snap the tank toward the vacuum so it is snapped securely.
The next step is to put the shampoo head on the front of the vacuum where the vacuum power head used to be. Be sure your belt spinner is on red on red arrows and then put on the vacuum.
Now you attach the hose (see picture). Make sure your screen is inside the hose or attached to the bottom of the tank. The function of the screen is to turn the shampoo solution into the suds. If you just have water coming out the screen is not in place. Then you turn the valve to "on" (on top of the tank) and you are ready to shampoo.


This is how I shampoo. I turn on the vacuum and slowly shampoo the area. I go forward and back over the same spot. For stained areas I go a little slower. You should see foam covering your carpet. Then I turn off the vacuum and wait until the foam disappears. Then I turn the tank valve to "off" and go over the carpet again and this will pick up any excess moisture and solution and dirty water in your tray. When you are done you dump the tray. Then I usually wait about 2 hours until the carpet is dry and put the vacuum part back together and vacuum the carpet. That is how I shampoo If you have some big stains you want to get out I will share with you a little trick I use to remove them before you shampoo. You find a spray nozzle that will fit your shampoo solution bottle. Then you get a metal spoon and you spray the stain and then scrub it out with the spoon. Be sure to not scrub so much that you damage your carpet and your spoon should make the solution turn into foam. I usually go around and do that to all the major stains before I shampoo. If I do this and shampoo it turns out really nice. I have found with the kirby shampoo solution that stains dont come back as often.