How to take off and put back on the power head. This would be used to put your hose or shampooer on.

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Powerhead Removal and Installation! 



OK first we are going to go over how to remove the power head. First step is to raise the lens lid as pictured. Then turn your plastic dial (belt lifter) and spin it so the arrows are showing red on red. When the arrows are showing red on red that means the belt is lifted and the brush roll is not turning. At this stage the power head is ready to come off. If you don't have the belt lifted in this position when you put it back on, the belt will not be on and your vacuum will not be picking up much stuff. To fix this problem if you have it Click Here.
Now we are ready to take off the power head. Turn the latch as shown in the picture and lift off the head.
At this point you can attach the shampooer or hose to use.

Now we are ready to put the power head back on the vacuum. Make sure the dial is still spun to red on red and grasp the head by the plastic spinner. Do not grab the head by the metal it makes it a lot easier to do if you grab it by the plastic spinner. Make sure the height adjustment of the vacuum is all the way up and tilt the head at a slight angle. Then attach the head with its to hooks on the bar on the vacuum (see picture)


Then our last steps is to reattach the latch securely and then spin the dial back to green on green and put the lid down. That is how you take the head on and off.